Verdicts & Settlements

Leesfield & Partners prides itself in working to obtain the maximum compensation possible for our clients. The firm dedicates the majority of our law practice to handling cases involving personal injury, wrongful death, airplane crashes, car accidents, cruise line injuries, assaults, inadequate security, product defects, medical malpractice, and nursing home litigation. For a complete and detailed list of the firm's areas of expertise, please visit our Practice Areas section.

Clients come to our firm because we care about the people we represent and we aggressively and vigorously work to achieve the best results for our clients. Whether you suffer from personal injuries or the loss of a loved one, we can help. While no one can put your life back the way it was, we will seek compensation for every aspect of your loss, including medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages.

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The following is a representative list of some of the verdicts and settlements we have obtained for our clients.

Due to space constraints, we have limited the chart to verdicts and settlements of $500,000.00 and above.

Disclaimer: The facts and circumstances of your case or potential case may differ from the facts and circumstances of the cases discussed here.  Each case is different and must be evaluated and handled on its own merit.   The results provided below are before deductions for attorneys’ fees and costs, and are not necessarily representative of the results obtained in all cases.

John Doe & Estate of Jane Doe v. Miami Bar, et. al.
Wrongful Death / Dram Shop / Motor Vehicle Accident
E.E. v. XYZ Hotel Resort and Mark Jason HolmesNegligent Security/Parking Lot/Assault$40,580,000
Estate of Pereira v. FleuricourtWrongful Death / Motor Vehicle Accident
United PresidentialClass Action$32,000,000
D.K v. XYZ DefendantsRoad Construction/Motor Vehicle Accident$29,700,000
Shoaf v. Geiling
Medical Malpractice
Eimers v. HondaProduct Liability-Motorcycle$19,800,000
Toddler v. Furniture ManufacturerProduct Liability-Furniture Tip-over$17,500,000
N.H. v. Parasailing OperatorParasailing Accident - Wrongful Death$17,000,000
Plaintiffs v. Hotel & Security Corp.Negligent Security$16,000,000
Grant v. Lyons
Auto Accident/Brain Damage
Estate of M. v. Apartment Complex
Negligent Security/Wrongful Death$15,000,000
A.R. v. Parasailing OperatorParasailing Accident - Wrongful Death$15,000,000
Jane Doe v. Int'l ResortCarbon Monoxide Exposure$11,750,000
Plaintiffs v. XYZ ManufacturerProduct Liability - Wrongful death$10,677,000
R.S. v. ABC HospitalMedical Malpractice - Birth Trauma$10,250,000
F.C. v. ABC Port, et. al.
Worker / Crush Injury
Decenzo v. LangtonAviation/wrongful death$10,000,000
ABC Guest v. ABC Resort
Death of minor child / Electrocution
Oves v. ABC HospitalMedical Malpractice$8,725,000
Plaintiffs v. ABC Driver & ABC Employer
Wrongful Death / Truck Accident
Estate of Rivas v. ABC AirlineAviation$8,575,000
Jane Doe v. ABC Drive
Pedestrian / Motor vehicle accident
Estate of K.S. v. CompanyMotor vehicle$8,000,000
Driver v. Truck CompanyTruck accident / Arbitration$7,995,467
ABC Plaintiffs v. XYZ Cruise Line
Death & Brain Damage / Parasailing
John Doe v. ABC Condominium
Premises Liability
Jane Doe v. Driver
Pedestrian / Brain Injury
Estate of Batz v. First Florida DevelopmentElectrocution/Wrongful Death$5,550,000
P.M. v. Cruise LineMedical Malpractice - Amputation$5,530,000
D.J. v. XYZ ManufacturerProduct Liability$5,500,000
Estate of Emmart v. PiperAviation/Wrongful Death$5,400,000
S.W. v. ABC Driver
Bicycle/Truck Accident
Preston v. Winn-DixieWrongful Death / Truck Accident$5,300,000
D.B. v. ABC Homeowner
Paraplegia / Premises Liability
Plaintiffs (2) v. XYZ Trucking Company, et. al.
Motor Vehicle Accident
B.S. v. ABC ManufacturerProducts Liability/ATV$5,000,000
C.J. v. United RentalsAuto negligence$5,000,000
Perez v. CondotteConstruction$5,000,000
C.M. v. Motorcycle ManufacturerProducts Liability/ATV$4,750,000
Plaintiff v. XYZ Parasailing Corp.Brain Damage / Parasailing$4,650,000
J.D. v. Property Owner
Wrongful Death/ATV Accident
Wiedenbeck v. Univ. of Chicago Hospital
Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death$4,300,000
Jane Doe v. Cruise LineFailure to Evacuate$4,000,000
Patient S v. HospitalFailure / Delay to diagnose cancer$3,650,000
Yanakakis v. XYZ CorporationTortious Interference$3,375,000
Loncar v. Cruise Line
Medical Malpractice on Cruise Ship
J.S. v. John Doe Corp.Explosion-burns$3,250,000
Scolaro v. ABC DriverMotorcycle crash$3,250,000
A.S. v. Building OwnerNegligent Security$3,250,000
Grayson v. USAFederal Tort/wrongful death$3,242,000
Hudge v. Hospital
Medical Malpractice
John Doe v. ABC Manufacturer
Product Liability
GTU v. Mora et. al.Tortious Interference$3,100,000
Jane Doe v. ABC Cruise
Medical Malpractice on Cruise Ship
John Doe v. Truck Driver
Trucking Accident
ABC Plaintiff v. ABC Cruise Line
Wrongful Death / Cruise Shore Excursion
Jane Doe & Son
Bicycle - Motor Vehicle Accident
Est. of Jane Doe v. Hospital
Wrongful Death/Medical Malpractice
Estate of minor child v. Gun ManufacturerProduct Liability / Defective Product$3,000,000
J.G. v. Financial InstitutionNegligent security$3,000,000
Pedestrian C v. Negligent DriverPedestrian / Motor Vehicle Accident$2,900,000
Helms v. MagnavoxProduct Liability-T.V.$2,900,000
Est. of Jane Doe v. Jet Ski Rental Company
Wrongful Death
Anderson/Unger v. XYZ Trucking CompanyTrucking$2,850,000
Plaintiffs v. ABC Resort & Parasailing Corp.Wrongful Death & Brain Damage / Parasailing$2,842,000
D.L. v. ABC Construction Company
Construction Accident
McCall v. Winter Haven HospitalMedical Malpractice$2,800,000
Estate of G. v. FAA et. al.Aviation/Wrongful Death$2,800,000
Plaintiff v. XYZ Parasailing Corp.Wrongful Death / Parasailing$2,600,000
Estate of Galati v. ABC HospitalMedical Malpractice$2,575,000
John Doe v. Cruise Line
Brain Damage to Minor Child
Estate of John Doe v. Doe AirlinesAuto Accident/Wrongful Death$2,500,000
Estate of John Doe v. ABC Corporation and XYZ Corporation
Death/Negligence/ Product Liability
Baillou-Guy v Mem HospMedical Malpractice$2,500,000
Sierra v. XYZ ClinicMedical Malpractice$2,400,000
Wardlow/Long v. AyersTrucking/wrongful death$2,335,000
Estate of C.S. v. ABC HospitalMedical Malpractice$2,200,000
Kemp v. AMRMoped Collision$2,110,053
John Doe v. ABC Gun Manufacturer
Product Liability / Defective Product
Est. of O.A. v. XYZ Hospital
Wrongful Death / Medical Malpractice
E. D. v. Trucking Company
Motorcycle Collision
Keppie v. World OmniAuto Accident$2,000,000
Wiggins v. USAMedical Malpractice$2,000,000
Estate of Goode v. Recreational ParkWrongful Death$2,000,000
Estate of Ogburn v. S & R TransportWrongful Death/Trucking$2,000,000
Estate of Reed v. USAFederal Tort/Medical Malpractice$1,999,990
Truck Driver v. Truck DriverAmputation / Truck Accident$1,995,000
Varney v. USAFederal Tort/Medical Malpractice$1,900,000
Nguyen v. Green AcresAuto Accident$1,900,000
Mitchell/Harrigan v. BellAviation-helicopter$1,900,000
Estate of Barley v. Air OrlandoAviation/wrongful death$1,850,000
McInerney v. ABC ManufacturerProduct Liability-motorcycle$1,800,000
Estate of Fundora v. Gables Professional BuildingWrongful Death$1,800,000
Estate of Benjamin v. Trucking CompanyAuto Accident/Wrongful Death$1,800,000
Manning v. AlamoAuto/motorcycle negligence$1,760,000
J.E. v. Cruise LineMedical Malpractice - Failure to Disembark$1,750,000
C. v. Jet Ski Company
Jet Ski Accident
Estate of Dietrichson v. State of Florida DOTElectrocution/Wrongful Death$1,650,000
Estate of R.L. v. ABC HospitalMedical Malpractice/Wrongful Death$1,600,000
Comras v. MorseAuto Accident$1,600,000
Jane Doe v. ABC Resort & Parasailing Corp.Brain Damage / Parasailing$1,586,194
Jane Doe v. Cruise Line
Negligent Security / Sexual Assault
Jeffery v. PublixNegligent Security/shooting$1,510,000
L.B. v. Cruise LineMedical Malpractice - Stroke$1,500,000
G.P. v. XYZ Gun Manufacturer
Product Liability
Estate of MB and TL v. Joe Doe UniversityInadequate Security/Wrongful Death$1,500,000
J.D. v. ABC Driver
Pedestrian/Auto Accident
Couch v. ABC DriverAuto Accident$1,500,000
A. S. v. Night Club
Brain Damage / Motor Vehicle Accident
A.S. v. ABC BuildingPremises Liability - Concussion$1,430,000
Hotel Guests v. ABC Hotel
Premises Negligence/Carbon Monoxide
Fahrer v. AllstateAuto crash$1,400,000
John Doe v. ABC Driver
Wrongful Death / Motor Vehicle Accident
Soto-Rodriguez v. XYZ TruckingWrongful death/trucking$1,400,000
Estate of S v. Negligent DriverWrongful Death / Pedestrian / Auto Accident$1,350,000
Yates v. ABC DriverWrongful Death/Auto Accident$1,350,000
Estate of Casanova v. Norris et. al.Auto Accident/Wrongful Death$1,330,000
Estate of S.H. v. John DoeBoating Accident/Wrongful Death$1,325,000
E.O. v. ABC Driver
Motorcycle accident
Plaintiff v. ABC Resort & Parasailing Corp.Wrongful Death / Parasailing$1,256,026
Cruise Passenger v. Cruise LineShore Excursion Accident$1,250,000
Moped Operator v. John Doe
Brain Damage / Moped v. Motor Vehicle
Anderson v. WhiteheadTrucking$1,250,000
Estate of Baby H v. Nurse & TherapistWrongful Death / Failure to Resuscitate$1,212,000
A.K. v. ABC Bar
Wrongful Death / Dram Shop
Minor Plaintiff v. ABC Driver
Brain Damage / Pedestrian hit by driver
Snodgrass v. SynagroAuto Accident$1,180,000
Estate of Sassin v. HammondWrongful Death$1,160,000
Francies v. HGIInadequate security/Rape$1,136,000
J.F. v. Major MallInadequate Security/Rape$1,130,000
Estate of Alvarez v. ABC Doctor and Broward Cty Hosp.Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death$1,125,000
J.J. v. Hyatt Vacation Club, Majestic Sec. & Mark HolmesInadequate Security/Rape$1,040,000
Godur v. DistributorFalling merchandise$1,007,000
Est. of John Doe v. ABC Bar
Wrongful Death/Inadequate Security
P. Estates v. Apartment ComplexInadequate Security / Wrongful Death$1,000,000
Patient S v. Hospital ABCFailure to diagnose Subarachnoid Brain Hemorrhage$1,000,000
Valdes v. DistributorPersonal Injury$1,000,000
Motorcyclist v. XYZ Ride-SharingMotor Vehicle Accident$1,000,000
Estate of B v. Mental Health FacilityFailure to Supervise / Prevent Suicide$1,000,000
Estate of A.B. v. CityCivil Rights/death$1,000,000
Clemente v. EbertAuto/motorcycle negligence$1,000,000
John Doe v. XYZ Treatment Center
Wrongful Death/Premises Liability
Estate of J. v. Key West ConvalescentNursing Home$1,000,000
Estate of Fernandez v. Villa MariaNursing Home$1,000,000
Torres v. Lakewood and XYZ UniversityMedical Malpractice/Wrongful Death$1,000,000
H.L. v. ABC Bus Company
Bus Accident / Pedestrian / Wrongful Death
Estate of Marrero v. Pizza CompanyAuto Accident/Wrongful Death$1,000,000
Estate of H. v. United ContractorsAuto Accident$1,000,000
N.G. v. XYZ Jet Ski Company
Jet Ski Accident
E.K. v. Daycare CenterWrongful Death$1,000,000
M.M. v. ABC MechanicNegligent Tire Rotation$1,000,000
A.Z. v. Motorcycle ManufacturerProducts Liability$1,000,000
LS.H. v. HotelPremises Liability / Fall$1,000,000
F.B. v. Condo AssociationScooter Accident$1,000,000
Estate of Perdomo v. Doe HospitalMedical Malpractice$1,000,000
Estate of W.O. v. Trucking CorporationPedestrian/Trucking$1,000,000
Estate of Rahn v. Rental Car CompanyAuto Accident/Wrongful Death$975,000
Motorcyclist v. Negligent DriverMotor Vehicle Accident$990,000
Plaintffs v. John Doe
Motor Vehicle Accident
Jane Doe v. ABC Boat Corporation
Jet Ski / Boating Accident
W.R. v. DriverWrongful Death - Motor Vehicle Accident$900,000
U.K. v. XYZ Jet Ski CompanyJet Ski Accident$900,000
Salvador v. ABC DoctorMedical Malpractice$900,000
F.K. v. ABC Property
Premises Liability / Brain Damage
Henley v. Motorcycle ManufacturerProducts Liability-motorcycle$900,000
K.J. v. Roofing CompanyAmputation$900,000
Estate of John Doe v. Doe CityPolice Shooting/Wrongful Death$900,000
Lemus v. Winn DixieTruck accident / PTSD$895,000
Mack v. Construction Supply CO.Construction Site$887,500
Buergo v. Motorcycle ManufacturerProducts Liability-motorcycle$880,000
Clark v. HertzAuto Accident$865,000
Rodriguez/Rivera v. ABC Construction CompanyBurn/Construction Site$862,000
R. K. v. ABC Driver
Motorcycle Accident
John Doe v. ABC Contractor
PTSD & Neg. Infliction Emotional Distress
Byrne v. KawasakiProducts Liability-motorcycle$850,000
J.T. v. Negligent DriverMotor Vehicle Accident$850,000
P.A. v. ABC Driver
Motorcycle v. Car Accident
Knight/Walsh v. ABC ManufacturerProduct Liability-crashworthiness$825,000
Kramer v. ABC ManufacturerProduct Liability-Jeep$810,000
K.C. v. Tractor-Trailor Co.Truck Accident$800,000
P.R. v. Animal Rescue Co.Dog Bite$800,000
Whitlock v. Foreign ResortAdmiralty/Boating$800,000
Morbey v. AlamoAuto negligence/rental car$800,000
T.R. v. ABC Fast Food Restaurant
Slip and Fall / Premises Liability
Darville/Roxbury v. ABC CompanyWrongful Death (seamen)$755,000
F.R. v. Bar/RestaurantTrip & Fall - Premises Liability$750,000
Passenger v. Cruise Line
Trip and Fall
John Doe v. ABC Store, et. al.
Worker / Fall
K.C. v. John Doe
Motor Vehicle Accident
J.P. v. ABC Construction Company
Wrongful Death / Construction
Singh v. VPNNegligent Security-Convenience Store$750,000
Alford v. XYZ CompanyAuto Accident$750,000
Bekish v. ABC Airport RestaurantSlip & Fall$750,000
Woodin v. Pt. PopovichMotorcycle Injury$730,000
Estate of Jordan v. KolcraftProducts Liability$710,000
Estate of Nutig v. XYZ HospitalMedical Malpractice$700,000
M.G. v. Cruise LineMedical Malpractice - Stroke$698,000
ABC Guest v. ABC Hotel
Premises Liability / Bathtub
Sellers v. KarrDental malpractice$675,000
Munoz v. Floval OilNegligent security-shooting$675,000
Reynen v. Enterprise LeasingMoped Collision$675,000
A.P. v. Delivery CompanyWorker - Crush Injury$662,000
John Doe v. Youth CenterNegligent Supervision-Sexual Assault$650,000
Lemus v. Winn DixieTrucking Accident$650,000
John Doe v. ABC Jet Ski Rental
Jet Ski Collision
Walker v. ABC ManufacturerAviation$630,000
Baker v. John DoeContract$626,947
John Doe v. ABC Driver
Motor Vehicle Accident
S.W. v. Cruise Line
Cruise Excursion
Cervantes v. ABC HospitalMedical Malpractice$600,000
Pedestrian M v. Negligent Driver
Motor Vehicle Accident
Jane Doe v. Waste Truck Corporation
Motor Vehicle Accident
A.B. v. ABC Medical Providers
Medical Malpractice / Burnt in OR
Hubbard v. DeBartoloNegligent Security-mall$600,000
Estate of Andrews v. ABC CompanyFire$600,000
Vergara v EsparConstruction/death$600,000
Sanchez v XYZ NursingNursing Home$600,000
Bailey v. FawcettMedical Malpractice$600,000
Carimbocas v. ABC ClinicMedical Malpractice$600,000
Jane Doe v. XYZ StablesEquestrian Accident$600,000
J.C. v. medical providersMedical Malpractice$600,000
J.M. v. Amusement ParkFall$600,000
Newby v. FECRailroad accident$591,000
Plaintiff v. Jet Ski Rental Company
Jet Ski Collision
Est. of John Doe v. Boat Tour
Wrongful Death / Drowning
Vento v. ABC DriverAuto Accident$566,000
Leenan v. Jaccuzzi ManufacturerProduct Liability-Recreational Product$560,000
A.S. v. ABC Driver
Motor Vehicle Accident
Shockley v. MarathonNursing Home$550,000
Gyorok v. GupMedical Malpractice$540,000
Estate of minor v. ABC HospitalMedical Malpractice$540,000
Pfau v. Motorcycle ManufacturerProducts Liability-motorcycle$533,333
Avila v. ABC CorporationTrucking$528,000
Guest v. Hotel
Premises Liability / Negligent Lighting
John Doe v. Home Owner
Assault and Battery
White v. DolphinConstruction accident$500,000
P.G. v. ABC Hotel
Trip and Fall / Premises Liability
Solms v. John DoeWrongful Death$500,000
A.S. v. XYZ Special Needs Care Facility
Wrongful Death of Special Needs Child
Cruise Guest v. Cruise Line
Premises Liability / Slip and Fall
J.D. v. ABC Driver
Auto Accident
Martin v. FKCCNegligent shooting/training$500,000
D. v. Driver John Doe
Motor Vehicle Accident
D.B. v. Boat OperatorBoating Accident$500,000
N.S. v. ABC Aquarium
Premises Liability / Shark Bite
Levine v. WatercrestNursing Home$500,000
C.H. v. Cruise LineMedical Malpractice - Failure to Evacuate$500,000
A.D. v. Dog OwnerDog Bite$500,000
Plaintiff v. Negligent Driver
Motor Vehicle Accident
Patron v. Grocery Store
Wrongful Death / Inadequate Security
Guest v. Resort
Premises Liability / Concealed Danger
Z. v. John Doe
Motor Vehicle Accident
White v. AmSpradConstruction Accident$500,000
A.A. v. ABC Delivery Company
Motor Vehicle Accident
R.R. v. DistributorsSlip & Fall$500,000
Client Reviews
I have known Ira for several decades and without a doubt he represents the best of the profession- a never ending commitment to his clients and a perpetual desire for learning and sharing his expertise with his colleagues. Richard
I found, and still find, that Ira’s firm will evaluate the case fairly and provide the client with a reasonably expectation of the process involved and will avoid giving false hope where there is none. Also Ira’s firm consistently keeps in constant touch with the client as well as referring attorneys so each knows the progress of a case. Finally I can tell you that if I personally were injured, Ira Leesfield is the first person I would call. Michael Browning
I'm impressed and very satisfied with the handling of my injury case at this law firm. I was helped and walked through every step of the way. I'm happy to report a fantastic settlement achieved by this excellent law firm. Thank you Rosa
The people at Leesfield & Partners are extremely professional and compassionate! I would refer your Law Firm to anyone that was in need of an attorney! Thank you my friends. Karen
Our family highly recommends the team at Leesfield & Partners. Every step of the way, Barbie Leon was there to make sure we were updated on the progress of the case as well as answer any questions we had. Barbie was in constant communication with our family. She is thoughtful and caring and worked hard to make sure we understood everything that was happening around us. Linda