Latest Results

Latest Results


$17.5 million settlement in furniture tip-over / product liability case $19.8 million Settlement reached in Product Liability Lawsuit $7,000,000 settlement in Miami Beach Premises Liability Lawsuit Jury awards $24.1 million verdict in Central Florida Medical Malpractice Case New York family recovers $10 million in central florida resort tort case Toronto family recovers $8.5 million for auto injuries in Fort Myers, Florida Georgia resident obtains a $5.2 million settlement in motor vehicle collision in Key West, Florida Pennsylvania family recovers $500,000 for injuries to a special needs child in Orlando, Florida Rochester, New York parents recover $3 million for son’s ship excursion death Illinois / Pennsylvania mother and daughter receive $7.25 million settlement in miami cruise ship case Massachusetts family recovers $370,000 for defective products case in Lee County, Florida Florida Keys residents recover $1.1 million and $1.275 million in separate motorcycle and moped accidents with commercial vehicles Family of brain damaged Fort Lauderdale child reaches $1.2 million settlement in pedestrian accident


$27 Million Arbitration Award for Lee County Accident Victim Parasailing Death & Paraplegia Result in $30,000,000 Claim Auto Accident / Negligent Road Design yields $10 Million Result Rape of Cruise Ship Passenger Yields Multimillion Recovery Brain Damaged DUI Victim Awarded $15.4 Million Verdict in Florida Supreme Court Case Truck and Bike Accident yields $5,350,000 Settlement Settlement reached in Pool Entrapment Case of Minor Child at Resort Resulting in Brain Damage Recent Florida Resort Torts Results Secured Settlement of $2,500,000 obtained for Wrongful Death of Ventilator Dependent Man Inadequate Security $1,000,000 settlement from a $25,000 insurance policy Medical Malpractice Settlement of $3,000,000 reached for Wrongful Death of young mother and wife $2,850,000 settlement in private aviation disaster $40,580,00 Award to Assault Victim in Monroe County Injured Pedestrian Struck by Distracted Cell Phone User results in $1,500,000 Settlement Victim of Medical Negligence for failure to diagnose cardiac tamponade obtains $3,200,000 verdict Motor vehicle accident victims reach $3,000,000 settlement in uninsured / under-insured case Ira H. Leesfield obtains $4.5 million settlement for death of young girl in recreational vehicle accident Recovery of $8,650,000 as a result of a Car-Truck Crash Ira Leesfield And Thomas Scolaro Reach Confidential Settlement For Family Victim Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning In Key West Confidential settlement in wrongful death cases Thomas Scolaro recovers 50 times the insurance policy limits for woman injured in car accident $4,300,000 settlement for failure to treat brain cyst in Illinois Confidential settlement reached in death of young girl in boating accident Thomas Scolaro obtains $1,045,000 settlement for young woman raped at hotel in Key West Ira Leesfield Reaches Confidential Settlement with Cruise Line over Death of Passenger $2,100,000 verdict in Key West $2,850,000 Settlement obtained for Family and Survivors of Victims Involved in Crash of Single Engine Plane

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