Jury awards $24.1 million verdict in Central Florida Medical Malpractice Case

This case stemmed from the medical malpractice committed by Obstetrician Michael Geiling who delivered Raven. The delivery lasted days from the moment pitocin induction was started. When the induction was unsuccessful, Dr. Geiling opted to use a vacuum extractor for over 45 minutes.

Then Dr. Geiling ordered the nurses to apply fundal pressure, which meant to push on the stomach of the mother in order to squeeze the baby down the birth canal. That technique is very controversial because it often results in a rupture of the uterus, which is what happened in this case. Rupture of the uterus proved to be catastrophic for Raven. It stopped the blood supply to the baby and deprived Raven of oxygen for a significant period of time, which caused her to be born with severe cerebral palsy.

After a 3-week trial, a Seminole County Jury returned a verdict for the Shoaf family with a $24.1 million award. This is the largest verdict in Seminole County history.