In the last 40 years, Leesfield Scolaro has litigated personal injury cases in Miami, in Key West, and throughout the State of Florida. Whether a father killed riding his bicycle, a construction worker losing the ability to walk from a crane falling on top of him, a woman sexually assaulted on a cruise ship, or a child fatally injured in front of his dad by the propellers of a boat, our firm has relentlessly fought for the rights of victims who were forever hurt and injured by the negligence of others.

Talking about results on this website or about legal questions is one thing, but we felt there was a lot more to discuss that could potential help others. That is why our firm has taken upon the task to publish three blogs. In Florida Injury Lawyer Blawg, Cruise Ship Lawyers Blog, and Key West Injury Lawyer Blog, we talk about key legal points we encounter in our practice dealing with complex personal injury cases, but also prevention tips, push for legal reforms, and topics of interest for potential clients and potential referral attorneys.

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