Client Reviews

Nancy ★★★★★

It truly was a great experience working with Barbie and Tom. Having you all represent me and my family was phenomenal. We were kept abreast every step of the way which meant a lot to me. It has been a long road, I can now begin to process some sort of closure. I am quite satisfied with the outcome. We were really treated like people and not like a number or case with no value. Thanks again for everything.

Denise ★★★★★

Thank you all for assisting us through this difficult time as we seek closure in the neglect case against the hospital. You all did an awesome job and I will be forever grateful. Although nothing can bring my dad back, I thank you for helping us to prove that he was not just another patient and he had family that loved and cared for him. Barbie you were awesome you kept us updated each and every step of the way. Thanks once again to everyone.

Linda ★★★★★

Our family highly recommends the team at Leesfield & Partners. Every step of the way, Barbie Leon was there to make sure we were updated on the progress of the case as well as answer any questions we had. Barbie was in constant communication with our family. She is thoughtful and caring and worked hard to make sure we understood everything that was happening around us. The work and commitment that Tom put into our case was truly impressive. Thorough, knowledgeable, and persistent are all words to describe their approach to our case. Their care and attentiveness to our situation made something very difficult -bearable. We can't thank Ira and the team at Leesfield & Partners enough.

Leopoldo T. ★★★★★

I can't say enough great things about the Law firm of Leesfield & Partners. Our situation was unexpected, emotional and very confusing for us. They took us step by step through the process, and explained what was going on, along the way. If we had any questions we would call or email and our questions were answered quickly. We never felt we were being ignored. We felt we were being heard and taken care of. The case was resolved in our favor and the outcome was more than we could have expected. As I said earlier, I can't say enough great thing about them. I thank them for everything they did for us.
With the warmest regards and thanks.

Scott M. ★★★★★

It has been a pleasure to co-counsel with Leesfield & Partners. The firm has worked diligently on behalf of our client and obtained great results. The clients have been impressed with the firm's responsiveness and efficiency. The firm has been great to work with, and I look forward to referring other cases in the future.

Larry L. ★★★★★

Our law offices in Elmwood Park, New Jersey sent a major wrongful death case to Leesfield & Partners about 18 months ago. This case was just resolved, and, along with the clients, we cannot be more pleased with the result. Great job! We will continue to work with the Florida statewide offices of Leesfield & Partners.

Samuel K. ★★★★★

Several years ago, I referred a difficult products liability case to your office. From start to finish, I appreciated the professional way that you and your office handled this matter and kept me in the loop. You have truly lived up to your reputation for hard work and excellent results. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Steven W. ★★★★★

Leesfield & Partners represented me on a scooter accident case. They were able to obtain a $300,000 settlement--really an extraordinary result. I recommend them highly!

Adonis G ★★★★★

Me and my family cannot say enough about the professionalism and the one on one treatment Leesfield & Partners gave during the handling of my personal injury case. Simply the best!

S. S. ★★★★★

Absolute best of the best thank you Ira.

Steve H. ★★★★★

I suggested strongly that a friend contact Ira Leesfield about a personal injury. From the moment my friend spoke to him about his injury I knew this family was in good hands. The tenacity and legal knowledge displayed by the attorneys at his firm were remarkable, and my friend always appreciated the honesty throughout the entire litigation process of their case about the chances of obtaining a positive result. Thanks to Mr. Leesfield and his team of lawyers, the case was settled quickly. I would definitely recommend this firm if you need a personal injury lawyer anywhere in Florida.

Michael B. ★★★★★

I am a licensed attorney in the State of Florida. I began my practice in Key West, Florida in 1986. Soon thereafter I meet Ira Leesfield who’s firm did personal injury work. My field was limited to mostly real estate and real estate development and had no interest in pursuing personal injury law. Having said that, I think it is important for all attorneys to be able to provide various services to clients including trying to find the best attorney to represent the client’s interest in areas they have no experience. Even with a limited practice I would be asked about personal injury cases. Those clients of mine who hired Ira’s firm, without exception, got excellent results. From minor injuries to horrific injuries, I found, and still find, that Ira’s firm will evaluate the case fairly and provide the client with a reasonably expectation of the process involved and will avoid giving false hope where there is none. Also Ira’s firm consistently keeps in constant touch with the client as well as referring attorneys so each knows the progress of a case. Finally I can tell you that if I personally were injured, Ira Leesfield is the first person I would call.

Naty W. ★★★★★

Top notch Miami personal injury firm - professional, experienced, compassionate and results-driven.

Karen ★★★★★

Is there really any way for me to say an enormous thank you to this law office? I was hit by a truck, obliterating my vehicle. I had slowed down to try and pull over because a police officer was on the roadside with lights on. The traffic was so busy, I could not move to the other lane and a gigantic car carrier truck smushed my car. The resulting injuries put me in the hospital for 44 days. My mother was my passenger, and her injuries had her in the hospital for 30 days. Mr. Scolero and his wonderful staff have been a source of intelligence, worked to keep me calm, and explained what was happening with my case. This case is an example of something I had NO IDEA about what was going on. I have always thought that if I followed a prescribed path, life would adhere to that path. This accident proved me hideously wrong. Mr. Scolaro and his staff calmly explained what they were doing, and what I needed to do, and what the next step would be. Mom and I lived, and the office of Leesfield & Partners have taken such a load off my mind because they handled the law aspects of the case. This was something I had absolutely no experience with. Again, an enormous thank you from the bottom of my soul to all of you in this office.

Jimmy ★★★★★

Tom cares deeply about his clients and their well being. He goes beyond the client/attorney relationship and it shows in his work and results. My case was resolved quite favorably and I believe Tom, his team, and I, will continue to be good friends in the future. I could not have a higher opinion of his counsel. If you are looking for a personal injury attorney, look no further.

Mary ★★★★★

My husband was in a terrible accident, and Mr. Scolaro and his staff made our lives much easier. Tom was informative and caring. I can't say enough good things about Tom and his staff. He will always have a special place in our lives.

Jonathan ★★★★★

Tom was an outstanding lawyer on my injury case. He outsmarted and outfought the insurance company lawyers, and he got me a great settlement. Frankly, it was more than I thought was even possible. He is very down-to-Earth and friendly. He explained complicated things to me in a way that I could understand, and he always answered my emails. For a serious injury case, I can't recommend him highly enough!

Stephanie ★★★★★

This firm and this attorney gave us full service, everything to our legal rights to our well being. They not only respected our confidentiality but taught us many things regarding our personal matters along the way. These attributes are few and far between in today's world but Tom and his firm showed integrity, knowledge of the circumstances and kindness through out our trying process.

Paul ★★★★★

After being hit on my motorcycle due to someone else’s negligence, I was left in a coma for over a month and at the trauma center for two. My injuries were extremely life threatening and devastating to me and my family. We were not only facing medical bills for the trauma center and for 2 months of rehabilitation, but also we were receiving harassing letters from the other driver’s insurance company for us to pay for the damage my body/motorcycle made to the car!!! Talk about adding insult to injury! I am a man of great faith and was blessed to have been put in contact with Tom Scolaro and Ira Leesfield. Tom Scolaro took charge of my case and even though it was a not an easy “slam dunk” due to my inability to speak up for myself for over a month and the fact that witnesses don’t always step up, Tom’s expertise in handling my case produced excellent results. His knowledge and skills helped ease some of the burden that my family and I were going through. Aside from being a top-notch attorney, he truly is compassionate and made every effort to keep me informed of the progress of my case, which eased a lot of anxiety. Life can turn on a dime and it was good to know that I had Tom and his team in my corner. I highly recommend Tom Scolaro to anyone who may find themselves in a difficult situation such as the one I went through. Be safe!

Weston ★★★★★

After a friend suffered a serious traumatic brain injury, I found myself taking on responsibility for his legal and medical care. We engaged Tom as our personal injury lawyer (a task in which he performed miracles), but he and his team did so much more than simply represent our legal interests. Tom, Renaud, and Lilia not only won a settlement that helped us afford the best medical care available, but also advocated for us continuously with the hospital and multiple local, state, and federal entities to make sure we got the most from what was awarded. Even if we hadn't won our case, the assistance they provided would have been invaluable. They truly held my friend's best interests above all else. Tom is an honest, compassionate, and extremely talented attorney, and I would recommend him, and his amazing team, to anyone.

Randy ★★★★★

Tom was very professional and we very pleased with how the Tom, Ana, Justin contacted us and kept us informed with the case. I would also like to say when contacting them by telephone I always was able to speak with Tom or Justin. I was very pleased how Tom was on my side and provided us with information. I would highly recommend this Law Firm!

Richard ★★★★★

I have known Ira for several decades and without a doubt he represents the best of the profession- a never ending commitment to his clients and a perpetual desire for learning and sharing his expertise with his colleagues.

Rosa ★★★★★

I'm impressed and very satisfied with the handling of my injury case at this law firm. I was helped and walked through every step of the way. I'm happy to report a fantastic settlement achieved by this excellent law firm. Thank you

Karen ★★★★★

The people at Leesfield & Partners are extremely professional and compassionate! I would refer your Law Firm to anyone that was in need of an attorney! Thank you my friends.