Ira Leesfield And Thomas Scolaro Reach Confidential Settlement For Family Victim Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning In Key West

Ira Leesfield and Thomas Scolaro have obtained a substantial confidential settlement on behalf of an Iowa family that sustained carbon monoxide exposure at a Key West Hotel.

Leesfield and Scolaro were able to prove that the hotel boiler roof vent was improperly repaired after being damaged in Hurricane Wilma. The hotel failed to pull any permits for the repairs and did not have a licensed technician make or inspect the repairs. As a result of their negligent repair, carbon monoxide was forced back down into the boiler room in the hotel and into the adjoining guest rooms where the injured guests slept. Unbeknownst to them, they were slowly being poisoned to death. They were able to summon for emergency medical attention prior to passing out from CO exposure.

In addition to successfully representing this family, the firm successfully fought for passage of Senate Bill 1822 . This new law, passed as a result of the carbon monoxide poisonings in Key West, now requires any public lodging establishment with a boiler room in the same area as a sleeping room install one or more CO detectors. Construction permitted in 2008 must have a carbon monoxide alarm installed within 10 feet of each sleeping room.