Recent Florida Resort Torts Results

  • South Florida helicopter film making catastrophe results in $1 Million Settlement.

  • Wrongful death of Massachusetts student in Daytona Beach - auto/bad faith case yields $1 Million Award

  • Visitors from the United Kingdom on Central Florida motorcycle tour - wrongful death litigation results in $1 Million UM Partial Settlement

  • Brazilian visitor attacked at Central Florida theme park - Confidential Settlement

  • Maryland visitor recovers from Casa Marina Hotel

  • in Key West for injuries - Confidential Settlement

  • Tour bus injuries - Central Florida yields $200,000 Partial Settlement

  • Pedestrian/Auto Collision - Wrongful death of 22-year-old young man from Massachusetts visiting Palm Beach County, Florida, as he was struck and killed by car when he was on crosswalk of four-lane highway - $475,000 settlement.
Recent Florida Resort Torts Filings
  • United Kingdom bicyclist struck by Miami resident in Costa Rica, resulting in severe brain damage.

  • Massachusetts family retains Leesfield Scolaro for wrongful death and serious injuries case resulting from bus rollover. Five deaths and multiple injuries.

  • New Jersey family hires Leesfield Scolaro for pool drain accident causing brain damage to child visiting Orlando hotel.

  • Canadian couple injured in Fort Meyers Beach pedestrian collision retains Leesfield Scolaro, P.A.

  • Russian woman on bicycle struck by Key West hires Leesfield Scolaro

  • Cruise passenger fractures hip while participating in game show.

  • Family hires Leesfield Scolaro - wrongful death on excursion bus rollover in Tortola, BVI.

  • Injuries to amputee while boarding off tender boat of cruise ship requiring further amputation.