$40,580,000 Award to Assault Victim in Monroe County

E.E. vs. XYZ Resort Hotel & Marina and MARK JASON HOLMES

Attorney Thomas Scolaro obtained a $40,580,000 verdict on behalf of E.E. against her criminal assailant, Mark Jason Holmes, who attacked her with a hammer in the parking garage of a Resort Hotel in Key West.  Attorney Scolaro filed an inadequate security lawsuit against the hotel for permitting this obviously drug-induced man to roam around the parking garage, undetected for 20 minutes with a hammer. The Hotel Defendant entered into a confidential settlement with Plaintiff the night before a $40,580,000 verdict was handed down against the remaining defendant. This is, by far, the largest verdict in Monroe County's history and a significant settlement for the Plaintiff who sustained serious and permanent injuries to her face and head.