Key West Plane Crash Attorneys

Leesfield Scolaro, has been representing the victims of negligence for years. Our team of dedicated Key West Plane Crash attorneys represents persons who have suffered serious injury, economic loss, personal loss and future damages due to negligence, including motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, nursing home abuse, defective equipment accidents, construction accidents, slip and fall accidents and medical negligence, including harmful drugs.

Planes are among the safest mode of transportation available today. While the percentages of death and serious injury caused by airplane accidents is small compared to other types of injury accidents, the results are almost always devastating to the families of the victims. Airline accidents frequently involve mass casualties and are mostly caused by mechanical problems or pilot error.

While many airline companies have "caps" on the amount of money that can be recovered for each passenger, an experienced Key West aviation accident lawyer may be able to prove that the airline or its representatives were willfully negligent. Proving negligence in an airplane accident case demands the most knowledgeable Florida plane accident attorneys in the field who have established relationships with airline accident experts.

The Key West plane crash attorneys of Leesfield Scolaro are experienced in handling these serious injury and wrongful death cases.