Florida Construction Injury Attorneys

Construction can be one of the most dangerous occupations a person can undertake. There are many heavy vehicles, large, moving items and potentially dangerous equipment around at all times, not to mention the possibility of falling from a great height or being struck by something falling from a great height. While construction workers know that there is some risk inherent in their job, this does not mean they have to accept construction related injuries in Florida.

What Constitutes A Construction Injury In Florida?

If you are injured on a construction site in Florida, you have sustained a construction injury and may be entitled to damages. Legitimate accidents happen, but injuries also occur because of negligence. Whether it’s faulty equipment, poor safety conditions, the actions of third-party contractors or of property owners, someone may be liable for your injury and if they are, you should receive compensation.

What Can A Florida Construction Injury Attorney Do For You?

The right Florida construction injury attorney can get you that compensation you deserve for a Florida construction site injury. This attorney will make sure that the construction site is investigated for the cause of the injury, see if it could have been avoided through proper precautions and if so, do everything possible to make sure the parties responsible pay damages for the injury that the victim has sustained.

How Can Leesfield Scolaro Help With Your Construction Injury?

Leesfield Scolaro are experts in the area of construction injury law. L&P has been handling construction injury cases in Florida for over 30 years. Recently, L&P handled a case where a construction worker was hit on the head by a falling object on the job. Leesfield Scolaro sued the subcontractors involved in drilling the concrete and got the worker a settlement to the tune of $500,000. In another case, the firm represented a worker who was badly burned when hot tar spilled on him through an open skylight. That case was settled for $862,000.

Florida construction injuries can be serious and workers who sustain unnecessary injuries on the job should get more than just workers compensation. The right Florida construction injury attorney can make sure that they get exactly what they deserve.