Florida Construction Injury Lawyers

There are many ways one can be injured at a construction site. A worker can be hit by falling debris, can fall from a height or be struck by a girder. He can be involved in an accident with a large vehicle or some other kind of heavy machinery. If such an accident should befall you as a construction worker in Florida, you may have recourse to more than just workers compensation.

Florida Construction Injuries

If you sustain a construction injury in Florida, it’s important to determine why that injury happened. Did someone operate a piece of equipment in an unsafe manner, or was that piece of equipment faulty to begin with? Did the property owners or third-party contractors fail to meet their safety obligations? Was their other negligence that was directly related to your accident? Any of these things can mean a settlement for you to help you through your injury-related suffering.

Florida Construction Injury Lawyers

The only way to get that settlement, though, is by retaining a good Florida construction injury lawyer. The right Florida construction injury lawyer can assess the situation and determine if you have good grounds for a lawsuit. He can then work with the parties involved to try to insure the best possible result for you as the injured client.

Leesfield Scolaro And Florida Construction Injuries

If you’re looking for a construction injury lawyer in Florida, you should be looking at Leesfield Scolaro. LL&P has been handling construction injury cases for over 30 years and they know how to get results. L&P has settled a vast array of construction injury cases, from the construction worker who fell through an open staircase and was killed ($600,000) to the 16-year-old who was electrocuted due to loose wiring ($1.265 million). If you have a construction injury claim, you’ll have a great chance to collect the settlement you are entitled to with a Leesfield Scolaro construction injury lawyer.