Florida Construction Accident Lawyers

Any construction worker in Florida or even somebody walking by a construction site dreads the possibility of getting into an accident. It’s clear to everybody that a construction site is a high-risk zone and great care must be taken to make sure that everyone can move through the site and do his or her jobs safely.

Florida Construction Accidents

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work out the way it should. Accidents happen at Florida construction sites, more often than most of us would like. Some of these accidents are unavoidable and simply a product of many people moving quickly working around heavy machinery. However, some accidents may be due to negligence, negligence by the construction company, a third party contractor, a machinery manufacturer or even the property owner. Someone who is the victim of such an accident may be entitled to compensatory damages.

Florida Construction Accident Lawyers

The way to find out if your Florida construction accident is actionable is to contact a Florida construction accident lawyer. An experienced construction accident lawyer will examine the evidence and help you determine who is liable so that you can obtain any damages you are owed, whether you are a direct victim or a family member, no matter what the extent of your injury.

Leesfield Scolaro For Florida Construction Accidents

Leesfield Scolaro can be that construction accident lawyer that gets you the compensation to which you are entitled. They have 30 years plus of Florida construction accident experience and know what to look for and what to ask in order to assess liability, L&P has won numbers six and seven figure settlements for their clients who have suffered accidents on or around Florida construction sites. If you or a family member has been the victim of a Florida construction accident, don’t settle for worker’s comp. Find out what you have coming to you by contacting a qualified attorney at Leesfield.com.