Miami Plane Crash Lawyer

Contact a plane crash lawyer at the law offices of Leesfield Scolaro, if you or a family member has suffered injury or loss of life in a plane crash. If you live in Florida and lost a family member in an airplane crash anywhere in the world, we can offer you a free initial consultation to discuss your legal options.

After an Injury or Loss of Life Due to an Aviation Accident, Contact a Lawyer

We are well prepared to handle injury or death claims for commercial plane crashes and for accidents involving small private planes. In the case of a commercial airplane accident, each victim will have a different legal case, depending on the particular circumstances of his or her location and experience in the accident. The total "value" of an aviation injury or death case also hinges on such factors as the total loss to the victim's family.

What will your Plane Crash Lawyer investigate?

Questions that will enter into an aviation injury or death claim include the following:

* What was the cause of the plane crash?
* Has any person or company been determined to have been responsible for the accident?
* Where was the passenger (or pilot) sitting?
* Is there evidence that the person experienced active pain and suffering before death?
* Did the victim have children, husband, or wife who survived the crash and must now live without his or her support and companionship?
* Did the victim have insurance policies such as credit card accidental death insurance which will increase the total compensation due to the surviving family members?
* Did the person leave additional life insurance policy documentation in a bank lockbox?

Aggressive Aviation Lawyers

We are known as aggressive attorneys, and rightfully so. We aggressively pursue every lead that will provide our clients with the relief they need to move forward after suffering a catastrophic injury or the loss of a family member in an airplane crash. Learn what your legal rights are and how to obtain the maximum compensation available after an aviation accident. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.

At Leesfield Scolaro, trial lawyers provide powerful representation to those who have lost loved ones to or suffered serious injuries in plane crashes. Lead attorney Ira Leesfield has over thirty-five years of experience in trials and appeals at all levels of state and federal. If you would like to discuss an injury or wrongful death claim related to an plane crash, contact our Miami plane crash lawyers and arrange a free consultation with us.