Miami Aviation Accident Lawyer

The attorneys of Leesfield Scolaro have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for victims of small plane crashes and for those who have lost a loved one in commercial airline disasters.

Our firm represents families of passengers and pilots killed due to negligence in the operation, maintenance, design or manufacturing of aircraft, assisting clients in South Florida and beyond.

Liability and Compensation in Aviation Accidents

In airplane accidents, we use all of our resources to recover damages for victims or family members left behind. We obtain Federal Aviation Administration reports and subpoena records from the airline, aircraft manufacturer and other relevant sources to determine the cause(s) of the crash. Negligent maintenance, pilot error, air traffic control mistakes, aircraft design, hazardous material on board, and spent fuel might all be considered.

Where liability is established, Leesfield Scolaro seeks maximum compensation in wrongful death cases. Victims' families can recover for the funeral expenses and any medical treatment prior to death, lost earning potential of the family member, and emotional damages for the loss of the loved one.

We contract with the best experts in the nation such as former FAA investigators, mechanics who understand fuel delivery and other technical aspects of aircraft, experienced airline pilots, and human factors experts who can testify about plane crashes.

Contact the Miami aviation accident lawyers of Leesfield Scolaro for experienced and proven representation. We offer a free consultation and contingency fee representation — no attorneys' fees unless we recover damages. Our staff is fully bilingual.