Miami Aviation Accident Attorney

Traveling by air is safer than driving the freeways, and Leesfield Scolaro’ aviation accident attorneys know that serious aviation accidents occur rarely. But when they do, significant injuries and death frequently result. Aviation accidents occur on commercial airliners, in general aviation (small private planes), and in military aviation. They result from negligence, incompetence, and product malfunction.

Accidents involving aircraft can occur in flight, on takeoff or landing, and even when the plane is stationary on the ground. Our aviation accident lawyers have handled cases involving pilot error or negligence, equipment failures, design flaws, and other kinds of product liability.

Aviation accidents frequently involve a complex mixture of product liability, pilot negligence and insurance issues, and require the services of a knowledgeable and experienced Miami aviation accident attorney. Suing an aircraft manufacturer or airline is a very expensive undertaking, and you need a firm with the skill and the resources to go the distance through trial and appeal.