Key West Product Liability Lawyers

Leesfield Scolaro has been representing the victims of wrongdoings for years. Our team of devoted Key West product liability lawyers represents those persons who have suffered monetary loss, serious injury, personal loss and future damages due to negligence, including but not limited to, motor vehicle accidents, construction accidents, slip and fall accidents, and medical negligence.

Everyday trusting consumers use a variety of products, such as automobiles, electronics and medications, and do not think of the harmful effects that those products may have on them. If companies produce dangerous or faulty products, they can cause serious bodily injury or even death to innocent victims. A product manufacturer assumes responsibility regarding the consumer. The public has the right to expect that a manufacturer will produce a safe product built with the highest quality materials available. A manufacturer is expected to stand behind its product and the public should demand accountability from the manufacturer for injuries caused by the product.

Product liability cases are typically placed in the following groups:

- Products that have been defectively designed.
- Manufacturer had a responsibility to caution the consumer of a known danger but failed to comply.
- Product is manufactured defectively. These are products that have been improperly manufactured, are defective and, thereby, have potential to injure consumers.

Leesfield Scolaro, has years experience in product liability matters. Our skilled team of product liability attorneys will investigate the facts, assess your claim, establish which parties and insurance companies are to be held responsible, and organize all of the details of composing and presenting your case. If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of a product liability accident, contact Leesfield Scolaro.