Miami Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Need a catastrophic injury attorney in Miami? Call Leesfield Scolaro today at 1-800-836-6400 or contact us on our website. It is important to have a lawyer who has expertise in catastrophic injury cases to ensure you get awarded as much as necessary for medical treatments, time off from work and other expenses related to your injury.

How is a catastrophic injury defined?

A catastrophic injury can include head, spinal cord, back, neck, and brain injuries as well as many more body injury types. A catastrophic injury tends to be devastating and permanent in nature. Injuries of this sort normally happen suddenly and without warning. Injuries classified as catastrophic result in severe disruptions or impairments to one or more bodily systems, such as the neurological, skeletal or muscular system, and they have a severe impact on the one’s life and the lives of their loved ones.

Generally, catastrophic injuries affect the patient and family because they’ll experience significant life changes. Most catastrophic injury cases involve hospitalization and long term rehabilitation. Individuals may even need in home care. The rehabilitation process can be very lengthy lasting anywhere to a few weeks to a lifetime. All the medical expenses and time missed from work can sure add up in a hurry leaving you in financial hardship. Our lawyers will ensure this doesn’t happen to you!

The importance of having a skilled and experience catastrophic injury lawyer represent your case is enormous. If you’ve suffered a catastrophic injury and are looking for the best lawyer in Miami please contact us today. We’ll work to make sure you and your family are taken care of.