Defective Tires

Many tires sold in the U.S. look normal but may have defects or manufacturing short cuts that lead to fatal car accidents. Although it comes as a shock to most consumers, many tire manufacturing companies employ short cuts to reduce the cost of products and labor in the tire manufacturing process. The bottom line profit drives many tire manufacturers to produce large quantities of tires with low overhead.

Another way tire manufacturers try to save money is by reducing the strength and durability of a tire - thereby shortening the integral lifespan of the rubber and thread, forcing the consumer to replace the tires more frequently. In the tire manufacturing process, the interliner is the tire's foundational structure. No tire should be manufactured and sold unless the critical interliner is wrapped with a sufficient overlap at the splice to assure full and complete interliner continuity. If a tire has a defective interliner, this weak point can cause a separation of the tread from the belts and, ultimately a destructive failure of the tire. Such failures often result in loss of control and subsequent injuries to the driver, passengers, and other property or pedestrians.

Another important factor in manufacturing tire rubber is the use of anti oxidant and anti ozone components. These components actually control and limit the aging of the tire. The lack of these components may cause the rubber to deteriorate in strength while the depth of the rubber seems unaffected. Allegations indicate that some tire companies may knowingly remove anti oxidant and anti ozone components [known as the AO package] from the base rubber stock used in the manufacturing of the tire as a cost control measure.

Many experts have stated that car tires in the warm, temperate regions of the Southern United States, including the state of Florida are more susceptible to premature aging. This increased wear and tear is a result of greater heat exposure and well as the absence of anti oxidants.

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