Cruise Ship Injury - Miami / South Florida

Cruise ship injury has become a significant concern for cruise ship passengers in recent years. Passengers have suffered numerous types of trauma while on board a vessel that they believed to be safe. Cruise ship injuries can take many forms, and there are many potential ways for a passenger to suffer an injury or accident while onboard a cruise ship. Because a cruise liner passenger is in completely unfamiliar surroundings, whereas the cruise liner company is intimately aware of every hazard on board, the cruise liner company has the responsibility to guard every passenger against any dangers, keep dangerous situations from occurring, and warn passengers of potential dangers if needed. The passengers on board also have an expectation of safety while on board, and the cruise liner company is responsible for providing adequate surveillance and security to prevent any passenger or crewmember from assaulting or raping anyone on board. Cruise ship rapes have become more and more common, as passengers or crewmembers consume alcohol or are emboldened by the seeming endlessness and desertion of corridors late at night.

The truth is, Cruise liner companies are responsible for the safety and health of every passenger on board. If you or a loved one have suffered a cruise ship injury while on board a cruise ship that departed out of any port in Florida, Leesfield Scolaro would like to offer you hope, and support in this difficult time. You may not think that you can get compensation for your cruise ship injury because the cruise liner companies are so wealthy, powerful, and well connected. Well, you thought wrong. The personal injury cruise ship injury attorneys at Leesfield Scolaro have decades of combined experience in fighting against all of the major cruise line companies. Leesfield Scolaro has gone up against every major cruise line company in South Florida, including Carnival and Royal Caribbean cruise lines, and have won large settlements on behalf of their injured clients. If you or a loved one has suffered a cruise ship injury, it’s time you got the help you need. To contact a cruise ship injury attorney at Leesfield Scolaro, Please call us as soon as possible. All cruise ship injury cases are taken on a contingency fee basis, which means you don’t pay anything unless we win. Please call for a free initial consultation with a cruise ship injury attorney at Leesfield Scolaro today. Toll Free, 800-836-6400.