Miami Negligent Security Attorneys

The area of inadequate security includes recovery for injuries caused by criminal assaults, rapes, robberies and attacks due to inadequate premises security, as well as other inadequate conditions in commercial and residential premises. The general common law principle is that there is no duty to protect against harm caused by the criminal act of a third party. The exception is that a duty is imposed to take reasonable measures where such criminal acts are foreseeable. Those who do not take reasonable and adequate measures may be liable if there is a criminal assault on the premises. If such an assault occurs in Miami, Florida, a Miami negligent security attorney at Leesfield Scolaro will efficiently and aggressively represent you until a successful resolution is reached.

What Kind of Injury Can Be Attributed to Negligent Security in Miami?

Negligent security cases generally involve an injury to an individual as a result of a criminal assault or robbery at a commercial premises. These frequently occur at malls, shopping centers, hotels, motels, office buildings, schools or parking garages. The majority of cases arise from strong arm robberies and sexual assaults. A strong arm robbery is a robbery by force or threat of force (it does not require a weapon). An armed robbery involves the use of a weapon. A "purse snatch" may be a strong armed robbery (if force or the threat of force is used), an armed robbery (if threatened with a weapon), or a larceny (when a purse is taken without threat or any contact). It is often a matter of semantics whether a purse snatch is a larceny or a robbery.

What Do Miami Negligent Security Attorneys Do?

At Leesfield Scolaro, our Miami negligent security attorneys will collect all the facts and gather all the evidence needed to establish whether negligence on the part of the responsible parties existed. An inadequate security investigation consists of gathering crime grids, do reverse surveillance, gather statistical data, interview past victims and former employees.

The firm has won numerous verdicts and settlements in cases arising from crime at malls, hotels, gas stations, convenience stores schools, shopping centers, apartments and businesses. The firm has obtained successful multimillion dollar recoveries throughout Florida, and in the rest of the country.

Leesfield Scolaro, Miami Negligent Security Attorneys

Leesfield Scolaro has been on the national leading edge of inadequate security cases and the development of trial techniques in premises security litigation. Our Miami negligent security attorneys cumulate well over 50 years of inadequate security litigation experience, and can answer many of the questions you may have on the subject. To find out more, you can contact our firm at or 1-800-836-6400 for a free consultation.