Injury Lawyer for Cruise Ship Assault or Rape

Where You Assaulted or Raped While on a Cruise Ship? You Need an Injury Lawyer who can get You Justice.

When you embark on a cruise vacation, you’re surrounded by beauty, opportunities for relaxation and indulgence. On a cruise ship with staff members around every corner and plenty of cameras everywhere, most people feel safe. Unfortunately, there have been numerous instances where either crew members or even other passengers take advantage of the alcohol availability and often deserted corridors found on cruise ships to assault or rape passengers.

Cruise ship assault can mean a wide variety of things. If another passenger gets drunk or irate and hurts another passenger, that can constitute cruise ship assault, because the cruise ship company is responsible for providing adequate security and making sure each passenger is safe. If a crewmember on a cruise ship assaults you, the cruise line can be held additionally responsible for not thoroughly screening their employees and exposing their passengers to an unstable person. Cruise ship assault can be anything from a bar fight to a serious personal assault in a deserted room by a crewmember. If you have been assaulted on a cruise ship, you need to contact an injury lawyer who is familiar with cruise ship injury cases immediately.

Cruise ship rape is a serious, horrific crime that happens more often than anyone would ever suspect. The same circumstances that introduce the opportunity for cruise ship assault put passengers at risk for a furtherance of that violence into a rape. If a crewmember or another passenger raped you on a cruise ship, you might not know where to turn. The truth is, the cruise ship is responsible for your safety, and you deserve to be protected. Since they failed to keep you safe, they are responsible for compensating you so that you are able to seek the medical attention and therapy you need. If you stand up for your rights and demand the compensation that you deserve, you can also help to make an important impact on these large corporations, and hopefully bring about changes in policy that can prevent other women from going through the same trauma that you experienced.

Cruise ship rape and cruise ship assault are serious issues, and these cases deserve respect, attention, and careful handling by a professional injury attorney. At Leesfield Scolaro, our injury attorneys care about our clients and we want justice for every victim in each case we represent. To schedule a complimentary consultation with an injury attorney at our local Miami offices, please call us today. Toll Free, 800-836-6400.