Resort Torts 2

In South Florida, there is a never-ending parade of injured tourists and vacationers who need the help of a resort tort lawyer. The term resort tort refers to any wrongful action or inaction that results in an injury while on a resort, cruise ship, or other recreational location. Resort torts are generally a type of premises liability, in which the victim holds the owners, managers, or supervisors of the premises or activity responsible for the injury. The following is just a sample of the many locations that may be subject to resort torts or other premises liability laws.

- Cruise Ships

- Pleasure Boats

- Hotels

- Casinos

- All-inclusive Resorts

- Spas

- Restaurants

- Amusement / Water Parks

- Sightseeing Tours

- Camping Sites

- Sports Arenas

Some injuries that occur in these locations may not be eligible for compensation through a personal injury resort tort lawsuit, but many are. If you have been injured at a resort, on a cruise ship, or while participating in a supervised recreational activity, you should consult a resort tort lawyer as soon as possible. Not all personal injury lawyers are familiar with the resort tort type of premises liability law. The attorneys at Leesfield Scolaro have experience in almost every aspect of resort tort litigation.

Resorts are legally responsible for the safety and security of their guests. A resort or other entertainment venue must provide their customers a reasonably safe environment, adequate protection from hazards and warning about potential dangers. In cases where these criteria are not met, a resort tort attorney may be able to prove negligence and hold the resort responsible for injuries sustained on the premises.

Resort torts can arise from either criminal or negligent acts. A resort might be held accountable if they do not provide adequate security and as a result, a guest is assaulted, raped, or victimized in any way. A cruise ship might be held accountable for medical malpractice if a guest becomes ill onboard and is not given proper medical attention. An ATV company may be responsible if their machines are not maintained properly, if adequate safety gear is not provided, or if a tourist is injured from a fall or other accident due to improper supervision or guidance. There are many ways to become injured while on vacation, but you do have rights. If you think your vacation injury may be the result of negligence, contact a resort tort attorney promptly to resolve your case.