Cruise Ship Injury Attorneys

When you decide to go on a cruise, the last thing you are thinking about is sustaining some kind of injury and that’s a good thing. A cruise should be an entirely pleasurable experience. Unfortunately, accidents happen everywhere, including cruise ships, which can be likened to self-contained cities with all the interactions, events and potential misfortunes that that entails.

The Special Nature Of Cruise Ship Injury

Unfortunately, while the types of injuries one can sustain on a cruise ship may be the same as those on dry land, the laws governing these types of situations are not. Many cruise ships spend most of their time outside their country of origin, sometimes on the open sea, other times in other countries. The legal ramifications of cruise ship injury can be tough to work out.

Cruise Ship Injury Attorneys

That’s why if you do sustain an injury on a cruise ship, you need to be talking to a cruise ship injury attorney, one who specializes in cruise ship laws. There are many aspects of cruise ship law that are tricky, and the cruise line has an advantage over the passenger in many circumstances.

Leesfield Scolaro, Cruise Ship Injury Attorneys

Leesfield Scolaro has the personnel to tip the odds back in the victim’s favor. They have experience with cruise ship law and know about abbreviated statutes of limitations and jurisdictional issues. They are certified to practice law in Florida, which is the departure port for many cruise ships, and as such, may be the state where litigation must be brought in a cruise ship case. Anyone who thinks they have sustained injury on a cruise ship because of negligence or direct action can find out more about cruise ship injury attorneys and what they can do at