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Does My Personal Injury Qualify As A Resort Tort?

The term resort tort indicates that an injury occurred while on the premises of a resort, other recreational venue, or during a recreational activity. The injuries referred to in resort torts are injuries that are caused by the negligent or intentionally harmful actions of another individual or corporation, thus resort torts can be filed under civil liability laws. Resort torts can involve a variety of types of injuries, as well as a wide range of locations. Common resort torts include;

Resort Torts In South Florida

The common theme of all resort torts is that they involve tourists, business travelers, or locals who are involved in vacationing or other recreational activities. As a popular year-round tourist destination, South Florida has many more resort torts annually than other major cities. Tourists are often owed a higher duty of disclosure and care because of their lack of familiarity with their surroundings and the inherent risks associated with their location. According to Florida Law, proprietors of certain businesses are responsible for disclosing adequate warnings of risks and dangers to visitors. Failure to do so will result in a resort tort.

Cruise Ship And Inadequate Security Resort Torts

Two of the most common types of resort torts in South Florida involve Cruise ships or inadequate security on resorts. These two types of resort torts are unfortunately common in Miami, Key West, and South Florida. Due to the sheer numbers of travelers who depart from the Miami on cruise ships, resort torts involving cruise ship injury are uncommonly high here. Cruise ships must provide safe facilities for all passengers for the duration of their voyage. The other major resort tort involves inadequate security at a resort, or hotel. If the venue fails to provide adequate security and a visitor is harmed by another visitor or venue employee, or is attacked, robbed, raped, or harmed by anyone one the premises, it is considered a resort tort.

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