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Lawyers In Miami, Florida, Serving The Needs Of Boating Accident Victims

South Florida’s leading personal injury law firm, Leesfield Scolaro, is proud to serve the needs of boating accident victims in Miami, Ft Lauderdale, and South Florida. If you or a loved one has been injured in a boating accident, contact our firm today for a free consultation. Our team has extensive experience representing cases involving charter boats, personally owned vessels, diving accidents, or any other accident related to watercraft or maritime laws. Our boating accident attorneys can seek compensation on your behalf for any injury that occurred on a vessel at sea or on the inland waters of South Florida. Leesfield Scolaro has represented countless clients throughout South Florida in a wide range of types of boating and watercraft accidents, including;

  • Drunk Boating Accidents – Operating a boat while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a criminal offense under Florida law. Boaters who choose to operate a watercraft while intoxicated are liable to the victims in any accident they cause.
  • Cruise Ship Injuries – Leesfield Scolaro has extensive experience representing the victims of a wide variety of cruise ship related injuries in South Florida, Key West, and Ft Lauderdale.
  • Marina/Dock Accidents – Our boating accident attorneys can help you seek reparation for a slip and fall injury caused by a slippery, rotten, or poorly maintained dock. Our team can also help in cases of refueling explosions or other injuries that occurred while on Marina property.
  • Charter Boats/Ferries – Those who own and operate commercial launches or Ferry Boats are responsible for the safety of those aboard their vessels. The captain and the owner may be held financially responsible for injuries caused in a crash, or injuries caused by a decision to operate in rough water.
  • Private Vessels – The owner and/or operator of a privately owned vessel is similarly responsible for the well being of any passengers. The attorneys at Leesfield Scolaro have experience handling all types of private vessel boating accidents, including boat collisions, overboard injuries, or collision with stationary objects such as docks.
  • Personal Watercraft – Jet Ski’s, wave-runners, and other small personal watercraft are common causes of boating accidents. Collisions with boats, fixed objects, or victims injured when thrown from the craft all fall under the umbrella of boating accidents, and our lawyers can help.
How Our Lawyers Help Boating Accident Victims In Miami And South Florida

The victims of boating accidents in Miami, Ft Lauderdale, and the greater South Florida area are often eligible for monetary compensation for their injuries under Florida law. You may be eligible for damages covering medical expenses, future medical care, pain and suffering, lost wages, or loss of enjoyment of life. In a fatal boating accident, the victim’s family may collect for expenses, emotional trauma, and loss of companionship and financial support. The skilled lawyers at Leesfield Scolaro are available to help you with your Boating accident personal injury lawsuit. Our attorneys are knowledgeable about all aspects of maritime law and all local South Florida laws pertaining to boating accidents. We investigate immediately, negotiate skillfully, and litigate aggressively, seeking maximum compensation for every client. Call today for a free consultation. Toll Free 800 - 836 - 6400