Broward County Slip and Fall Lawyer

Involved in a slip and fall in Broward County? Let our lawyers help! We’ve found individuals are often seriously hurt from something as seemingly minor as a fall on a slippery floor, tripping over impediments or even construction debris. But failure to provide a reasonably safety safe environment isn’t an accident, its negligence. Such negligence is avoidable, and the property owner should be held accountable for an injuries resulting from their carelessness.

We don’t take slip and fall cases lightly. We know they frequently result in a broken wrist, torn shoulder, slipped disc or other back injury, neck injury, head injury, broken ribs, broken hip, broken leg, fractured arms and elbows, or broken or severely sprained ankles.

Treatment for these injuries can include extensive surgery and painful rehabilitation therapy. We are not out to file a quick claim to collect a fee.

Leesfield Scolaro is dedicated to procuring the total compensation – no more and certainly not less than you need and deserve to heal and resume your normal life.