Miami Assault Victim Lawyers

If you have been assaulted in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, or South Florida, the assault victim lawyers at Leesfield Scolaro may be able to help you. Many assaults and sexual assaults are easily preventable. If negligent security, inadequate background checks, or negligent supervision contributed to the circumstances of your attack, there may be individuals or companies who can be held financially responsible for compensation for your suffering. You may be eligible to receive compensation for a wide variety of damages, including medical bills both past and future, pain and suffering, mental anguish, lost wages, counseling costs, and loss of enjoyment of life. Your lawyer will be able to explain how these damages are calculated when you meet to discuss your assault victim case.

Miami Assault Victim Lawyers

As personal injury lawyers representing South Florida our team has successfully represented countless victims of assault and sexual assault in Miami. There are many types of sexual assault. Many times the victim does not know their assailant, but our team will also be able to help if it is a neighbor, teacher, co-worker, delivery person, cruise ship employee, nursing home staff member, or anyone else you know. We are also highly specialized in cases of negligent security or resort tort, where victims are injured because of inadequate security, negligent security personnel, or other circumstances that fail to protect the safety of the public in any way. These locations can include cruise ships, amusement parks, apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, restaurants, arenas, and other venues geared to entertainment or lodging.

How We Can Help Assault Victims

Leesfield Scolaro and our assault victim lawyers are dedicated to helping the victims of assault in numerous ways. First, we will strive to recover a just and fair monetary settlement from whoever is ultimately responsible for the circumstances of your assault. This will help ease the financial burden and enable you to seek the medical care and counseling that you need in order to have a happy and healthy future. Second, we will seek to punish those responsible, and ensure that the circumstances are corrected, thus preventing such a horrible experience from happening to anyone else. In many cases of negligent security the victim, together with his or her legal counsel, can help to bring these situations to the attention of the courts, which can and will pass new laws to prevent assaults in the future.

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