Injury Lawyer for Cruise Ship Security Negligence

Were You Injured on a Cruise Ship Because of Cruise Ship Security Negligence? You Need the Representation of an Injury lawyer Who Truly Cares About Your Case.

When you board a beautiful luxury cruise ship, you go through an entire process of security check points, bag inspections, and metal detectors. By the time you get on board, you have a sense of security and safety. Unfortunately, cruise ship security is often spending more time searching bags than providing safety to passengers. Although the cruise line company is responsible for the safety of every passenger while onboard the ship or on any cruise-line sanctioned shore excursion, passengers do sometimes get injured. When this happens because the security personnel were not being diligent in their duties, this is referred to as cruise ship security negligence.

If you were injured, assaulted, raped, or otherwise harmed while on a cruise ship, you should consult with an injury lawyer at Leesfield Scolaro today. If you are injured while at sea, maritime laws will govern your case. These laws can be vastly different from the state and federal laws you are more familiar with. The cruise line companies also try to limit their liability for cases such as cruise ship security negligence by limiting the length of time in which you have to legally file your claim. If this time elapses and you have not yet filed a claim, your claim has no legal standing. The cruise line companies also designate the specific courts in which your case must be heard. In most cruise ship security negligence cases, this court is Miami-Dade, because most major cruise lines operate out of the popular Port of Miami. This is why it is important to be represented by an injury lawyer who practices in Miami and can be physically present at every court proceeding, even if you live out of town and cannot be there yourself.

The injury lawyer team at Leesfield Scolaro has the skill set, experience, and dedication to successfully represent your cruise ship security negligence case. If you’re not sure if your injury was caused by security negligence, the injury lawyer who meets with you at the Leesfield Scolaro Miami offices will be able to assess your case, answer any questions, and you can decide together how to proceed. Call for a free consultation today. There is never any cost to you unless we win you a settlement. Call us today. Toll Free, 800-836-6400.