Injured on Vacation in Florida - Boating, Jet Ski, Wave Runner Accident in Key West & Miami

Injured On Vacation - Maritime Accidents - Key West, Miami FloridaWere You Injured On A Jet Ski While On Vacation In Florida?Wave Runner Accidents in Key West And Miami Can Ruin a Vacation

Many visitors to Key West and Miami are injured while on vacation while riding wave runners or jet skis every year. These injuries can occur for many reasons, often because of negligent safety instructions, inattentive boaters, or faulty machines. Often jet skis or wave runner rental agencies do not supervise vacationers adequately, or do not go over the necessary safety and operating instructions before releasing the machines. The boating scene in Miami and Key West is lively, and often partiers on a boat do not notice a jet ski or wave runner in the path of their vessel, which can result in a crash and serious injuries. Visitors who are unfamiliar with the operation of these watercraft or the rules that govern their use on the open waterways of South Florida are much more likely to be involved in a boating or jet ski accident.

If You’ve Been Injured in a Boating Accident, Call a Local Miami Attorney

If you were involved in a jet ski accident while on vacation in Florida, you might not feel that you have the resources you need to pursue a legal case if you live out of state. Leesfield Scolaro is the most trusted personal injury law firm representing watercraft accidents, boating accidents, water sport accidents, and accidents involving jet skis and wave runners in Miami and Key West. With three local offices, located in Miami, South Beach, and Key West, our personal injury lawyers are available to represent you in South Florida’s courts, even if you cannot be there yourself. Having a trusted team of personal injury attorneys to represent your case, file paperwork with the court, gather research about your injury, and other hands-on involvements is an invaluable asset for every one of our clients, whether they live here in South Florida or in another state. Personal injury cases involving boating accidents and water sport vehicles can be complicated. If you were injured on a jet ski in Key West, your case will likely have to be filed with the Key West civil courts. If your vacation took you to Miami or South Beach, and you were injured in a boating accident near the sand bar in Miami Bay, you may need to file your case in the Miami courts. When you are on vacation, you are most likely not thinking about the courts you will have to file with if you are injured when your wave runner crashes. The skilled lawyers at Leesfield Scolaro are familiar with all of the courts in South Florida and their appropriate jurisdictions, and we can help you determine where to get started.

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If you were injured in a wave runner or jet ski accident while on vacation in South Florida, Miami, or Key West, and would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with a boat accident attorney at one of our local offices, please do not hesitate to call us today. Your initial consultation is free, and all personal injury cases are accepted on a contingency fee basis. This means you do not pay any expenses out of pocket unless we win you a settlement. You can reach our firm by phone locally at 305-854-4900, or toll free at 800 - 836 - 6400. Let us begin to protect your rights and get your due compensation today.