Key West Personal Injury

In the Caribbean-like paradise that is Key West, most people would probably prefer not to think about personal injury liability. Sadly, even amidst the beauty of this tropical island city accidents happen. When they do, and personal injury results, the consequences can be devastating.

Suffering Personal Injury in Key West

A Key West personal injury may require the attentions of a Key West lawyer. If you or a member of your family suffers physical or emotional damage, catastrophic injury or even death resulting from abuse or negligence, you may have a claim. A personal injury in Key West can be the consequence of an array of negligent activities, including vehicle accidents, defective products or poor construction.

Key West Personal Injury Law

When you think you may have a personal injury claim in Key West, a skilled, experienced Key West Lawyer can help guide you. People in Key West have recovered millions in personal injury damages when demonstrating the liability of another party. A veteran Key West personal injury attorney will know which facts to look at, which questions to ask and how to build a good case.

The Consequences of Personal Injury

While no amount of money can necessarily make up for a catastrophic injury or the wrongful death of a loved one, the right verdict or settlement can not only ease the post-injury transition, but also send a message to the negligent party so that it does not happen again. Hiring an attorney who lacks the skills necessary to get the verdict or settlement an injured party deserves can result in a much more difficult recovery for those affected by the personal injury.

Finding Personal Injury Lawyers in Key West

Leesfield Scolaro can help answer your Key West personal injury questions. Leesfield Scolaro has offices in Key West and over thirty years of experience dealing with personal injury. If you have questions about Key West personal injury law or Key West personal injury lawyers, Leesfield Scolaro is available to you. Simply call 1-800-836-6400 or head to for a free consultation and start on the road to relief for your personal injury claim.