Helicopter Accidents

Helicopters are incredible flying machines. They give pilots incredible flying freedom, able to ascend and descend vertically, or go forward and backwards within seconds. The small size of helicopters however translates in having very little means of protection in case of a malfunction or inclement weather resulting in an uncontrolled crash. Each year several helicopter crashes occur, and most result in the wrongful death of one or multiple occupants.

These claims are not frequent, but an experienced law firm is an absolute necessity in order to resolve injury claims successfully. Our attorneys have also recovered millions of dollars in award and compensatory damages for our clients who were victims of helicopter accidents due to piloting error, lack of maintenance, or defective design.

One of the helicopter accident claims Leesfield Scolaro handled was for injuries sustained by pilot and co-pilot. In a controlled-crash event, both individuals sustained massive spinal fractures which rendered them paralyzed. It was later discovered by our helicopter accident attorneys that the seats mounted in the helicopter were inadequate.

Typically, helicopters, much like sports cars, are equipped with bucket seats. A bucket seat is a seat contoured to hold one person which provides support in case of rapid change of direction and sharp turns. In our case, the helicopter was not equipped with bucket seats, but with bench seats which were flat platform seats with little to no support. The design defect contributed greatly to our clients’ injuries and catastrophic outcome and our law firm was able to secure a large settlement for the families of both men.

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