Florida Slip And Fall Attorneys

While a slip and fall seems comical on television or in movies, it can actually result in a very serious injury. In Florida, where many older people come to retire, a slip and fall can be catastrophic.

In many cases, a slip and fall is the result of negligence. In such situation, the victim may be able to recover damages with the right lawyer.

Florida Slip and Fall Defined

A slip and fall is a type of personal injury, and under Florida law, there are four different kinds of slip and fall cases. The trip and fall is a situation in which someone trips over something obstructing the walking path. Whoever put or left the object that caused the trip may be liable.

A stump and fall occurs when someone falls over an object that is an obstacle in the walkway, like a tree stump. Whatever agency is responsible for the removal of said object may have liability here.

A step and fall occurs when someone steps in a hole or crack in the walking path and falls. Whoever is responsible for the walkway may have liability.

Finally, a classic slip and fall occurs when something slippery causes the walker to lose his or her footing and fall. The victim may have a claim against whoever is responsible for good traction on that walkway.

Florida Slip and Fall Attorneys

Sorting out what type of slip and fall you have suffered, who is responsible and how much they should pay is no job for a layperson, especially one suffering from injury because of the negligence of another. A qualified slip and fall attorney can analyze the scene and the situation and know just who to pursue with a negligence claim.

Finding the Right Florida Slip and Fall Attorneys

If you’re looking for a law firm with decades of experience winning slip and fall cases, you’ll want to get in touch with Leesfield Scolaro. The experienced professionals at LP can examine the situation, build your case and potentially win you an enormous settlement.

Given the immense cost of a serious fall, with medical bills and potential lost wages, winning that settlement could be the difference between getting back on your feet fast and facing a long road ahead. To find out more, you can contact LP by phone at 1-800-836-6400 or fill out their contact form with the relevant information at Leesfield.com.