Miami Slip and Fall Attorney

A slip and fall accident is no laughing matter. Every year, many Miami residents are badly injured in slip and fall accidents. Often, such accidents never would have occurred but for someone’s negligence.

A subset of personal injury law, there are actually four different types of cases handled by Miami slip and fall attorneys:

1. Trip and fall accidents. These occur where a foreign object lies in the path. For example, if someone leaves a rake on the sidewalk.
2. Stump and fall accidents. This is where an object impedes the walkway. For example, if someone fells a tree that formerly grew on a Miami sidewalk, leaving a hazardous, unmarked stump.
3. Step and fall accidents. These occur where there’s a hole or other fault in the walking surface. For example, where a Miami city worker leaves a manhole open.
4. Slip and fall accidents. These result from slippery surfaces, such as wet stairways or greasy floors.

Regardless of the nature of the hazard and category of fall, injuries resulting from these accidents can be devastating. Particularly for Miami’s elderly, life-changing injuries like broken hips can result. An experienced Miami slip and fall attorney can make sure the injured parties receive compensation for their pain, suffering and medical expenses.

If you’ve been injured in a fall, don’t delay: contact a leading Miami slip and fall attorney

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