Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer Miami

Miami Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer

Any injury, accident, or crime that occurs on a cruise ship will fall under maritime law. These laws are put in place to protect the passengers and employees of cruise ships and other sea vessels. Cruise ship accidents must be carefully handled if the victim hopes to receive compensation for their injuries. In these cases, the statute of limitations is often very short, and the terms of a passenger’s ticket may restrict the court in which the case must be filed. In most cases, if your vessel left from Miami or docked in Miami, your case must be filed in Miami as well. This is why it is important to consult a skilled Miami lawyer about your cruise ship accident as soon as possible. Contact the law offices of Leesfield Scolaro, and an experienced local lawyer familiar with cruise ship accidents in Miami will assist you with your claim.

What Counts As A Cruise Ship Accident?

Many types of injuries can occur while on a cruise ship. If you were the victim of a crime while on board a cruise ship, you may need a lawyer who can help you file a sexual assault or negligent security claim. If you were injured because of a slip and fall accident, or by a defective product or faulty equipment, you may have a personal injury claim. Wrongful death claims may also be filed if a loved one died because of a cruise ship accident. Talk with an experienced Miami lawyer about your cruise ship accident as soon as you can. An experienced lawyer will gather evidence about the accident, ask questions that might lead to the discovery of important evidence, and ensure that the facts about your accident are not covered up or lost.

Leesfield Scolaro; Cruise Ship Accident Lawyers

The lawyers at Leesfield Scolaro specialize in maritime law and cruise ship accidents in Miami. We provide reliable, professional support to victims and their families, ensuring personal attention and thorough investigation into your claim. Most victims in a cruise ship accident case don’t know their rights until they speak with a lawyer. Some victims lose their rights because they are unaware of the statute of limitations that applies to their case. To protect your rights and the rights of your loved ones, do not delay in seeking legal counsel about your cruise ship accident. For a free consultation, call the offices of Leesfield Scolaro toll free today, at 800-836-6400.