ATV Accidents

All terrain vehicles (ATVs) are either three or four wheeled motorized vehicles used in recreational and work related outdoor activities. Most ATVs are used for "off roading" or riding in natural conditions. ATVs can travel very fast and can weigh as much as a quarter of a ton. Leesfield Scolaro has extensive experience with accident cases involving ATVs. Our trial attorneys will aggressively pursue the maximum compensation provided by law. For a complete list of the firm's representative results, go to our Verdicts and Settlements section.

Our ATV attorneys' knowledge and experience help to rapidly determine the extent and true nature of the liability of a third-party. We have obtained verdicts and settlements for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians in cases involving defective ATV parts, reckless ATV driving, and other forms of negligent driving. In a recent case, our firm has obtained a $5 million settlement in an ATV products liability case. That case was one of several which showed the inherent instability of 3-wheel ATVs. The ATV manufacturing industry took a close look at the arguments put forth against them. Not only were the efforts of our firm met with a successful financial recovery to our client, but they forced the ATV industry to go back to the drawing boards to build safer vehicles. That is when most if not all 3-wheel (1 in the front; 2 in the back) ATV designs were abandonned and replaced by 4-wheel ATVs.

In another case, a $4.5 million settlement was reached for the family of a young 15-year old girl who was killed while riding on an ATV which was negligently entrusted to another minor, who then was not supervised appropriately by a responsible parent. For a complete list of the firm's representative results, go to our Verdicts and Settlements section.

From experience, each and every ATV accident must be investigated with two potential contributory defendants: First, did someone present at the scene of the incident contribute to the injuries, and second, did the vehicle fail either through a mechanical defect or a design defect? It is important when prospective clients seek legal counsel, they realize that a defective ATV claim against an ATV manufacturer might sometimes be the better claim, and therefore they must choose a firm who has the proper experience and knowledge to fight for them, but also the patience and financial backing that any defective product claim requires.