Vacation Resort And Recreational Litigation

Florida is one of the nations leading vacation destinations. Resorts, amusement parks, cruise ships, and casinos offer a wide variety of services and options for entertainment. Although these venues are generally well maintained and staffed, accidents do occur. When the negligence of a company or resort leads to injury or even death, often the victim or their family will end up in a court room defending their rights. If this happens, it is essential to have a lawyer skilled in vacation, resort and recreational litigation on your side.

These personal injury lawsuits can be very complicated. Litigation that involves vacation services and resorts can be complicated and very confusing. Many victims of resort or recreational injuries are from other states or even other countries, and it can be difficult if not impossible to receive adequate compensation without a resort tort attorney to assist in the litigation process.

The Leesfield Scolaro Law Firm focuses primarily on personal injury lawsuits, including those resulting from accidents on vacations, at resorts, and recreational venues in the South Florida area. These accidents can range from aquatic accidents such as scuba accidents or swimming pool injuries, to medical malpractice on cruise ships, ATV malfunctions or other types of recreational mishaps that cause injury to vacationers or travelers.

When an individual is on a vacation, they are usually in an unfamiliar place and might be unaware of dangers or hazards inherent to that area or location. Resorts, hotels, cruise ships and other vacation destinations are responsible for the safety of their guests. When they fail in this legal obligation and a guest is injured, it can result in a resort tort lawsuit. In order to properly litigate these types of cases, a law firm must be highly familiar with the common vacation, resort, and recreational injuries and accidents that are common in Florida.

The skilled litigators at Leesfield Scolaro utilize aggressive tactics in the courtroom to protect their vacation, resort and recreational clients. The Law Firm has vast resources in Florida that can help to gain access to materials and evidence that can be essential to the litigation process. The resort tort lawyers at the Leesfield group are highly knowledgeable about all aspects of the vacation, resort, and recreational litigation process.