Orlando Negligent Security

Orlando, Florida is the home of many large amusement parks, aquariums, hotels, arenas, parks, museums, shopping malls, and other family and tourist attractions. And as we know all too well, it can happen that crimes, injuries, and other incidents can arise due to negligent security measures.

Luckily the lawyers at Orlando, Florida’s Leesfield Scolaro have over 50 years of cumulative negligent security litigation experience and are on the leading edge of negligent security cases. While the principle of general common law states that no individual or company has the duty to protect others against harm caused by the criminal act of a third party, there is an exception where such criminal acts are foreseeable. Those who do not take reasonable and adequate measures may be liable if there is a criminal assault on the premises.

What this means is that the owners or managers of any venue where criminal incidents would obviously occur are legally obligated to provide appropriate security measures to avoid such criminal activity. Examples of avoidable crimes are robberies (including purse and wallet snatching), sexual assaults, and criminal assaults. In most negligent security cases, the plaintiff who has been injured due to a criminal act brings an action against the owner, manager, and/or occupier of the premises.

At Leesfield Scolaro, our Orlando, Florida negligent security lawyers will collect all the facts and gather all the evidence needed to establish whether there was negligence in security on the part of the responsible parties. Our firm will gather crime grids, do reverse surveillance, gather statistical data, and interview anyone important to the case, including past victims and former employees.

Leesfield Scolaro has won numerous verdicts and settlements in cases arising from crime due to negligent security at Orlando shopping malls, hotels, gas stations, apartments, and businesses. Our attorneys have successfully recovered millions of dollars throughout the state of Florida. Call us today!