Miami Medical Negligence 1

Although doctors are among the most respected and trusted professionals in our society today, medical malpractice is a constant and serious problem in the medical field, and Miami is no exception. No matter how skilled or how well trained, human error can cause irreversible damage and even cost lives. Hospitals and other medical providers may cut corners to conserve funds, putting the lives of patients at risk. These types of situations are perfect examples of medical malpractice and negligence. If you or a loved one have suffered harm at the hands of a medical professional in Miami, it is time to contact a medical malpractice and negligence attorney. 

One of the newest and most alarming trends in medical malpractice and negligence in Miami is occurring on cruise ships. These large floating cities have small infirmaries to tend to the medical needs of a multitude of passengers. While they are equipped to handle bumps, bruises, and simple colds, in many cases these medical facilities are not equipped to handle true medical emergencies, which can occur at sea as unpredictably and severely as on dry land. Because these ships depart from or are based in Miami, any medical malpractice and negligence cases pertaining to treatment on these ships must often be brought before a court based in Miami-Dade.

Often if a cruise ship infirmary is not capable of handling a medical situation, they will place the patient in the care of local medical professionals on the mainland closest to the ship at the time, wherever that happens to be. Cruise ships travel all over the world, and often the medical care they provide is less than adequate, and the nearest mainland medical facilities are no better, or even worse. Often the arrangements for transport and medical care are made quickly, and adequate provisions for care are extremely inadequate. This also constitutes medical negligence and malpractice, even if the ship has left Miami or even United States waters. 

Imagine being stranded in a small ill equipped hospital, in the middle of a foreign country, with a desperately ill loved one. In a recent case litigated and won by Leesfield Scolaro, this is exactly what happened to a vacationing couple. The elderly man was abandoned in an inadequate facility by the cruise line and died with his wife at his gurney’s side. This gross case of medical negligence was brought against a Miami based cruise line and the Leesfield medical malpractice and negligence lawyers won a private settlement on behalf of the grieving widow.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one due to medical malpractice of any sort, consult the medical malpractice and negligence team at Leesfield Scolaro.