Miami Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Leesfield Scolaro has established a national reputation as one of the leading commercial litigation law firms in Miami, Florida. With an emphasis on complex and delicate business entanglements, the commercial litigation lawyers at the Miami based Leesfield group have experience, dedication, and the highest of professional standards. Your business is your livelihood, and our Miami commercial litigation attorneys understand the value of the continued profitability and good name of your business.

The Leesfield commercial litigation team of lawyers has the knowledge needed to represent both large and small businesses and corporations in today’s ever expanding global markets. With the integration of technology of all types into most businesses and their legal matters, commercial litigation has expanded to new depths and dimensions. Our Miami commercial litigation lawyers are skilled in many areas of business litigation, including:

- Debt Collections

- Bankruptcy

- Contract Disputes

- Shareholder Litigation

- Antitrust Actions

- Consumer Fraud Allegations

- Business or Commercial Fraud

- Bank or Lender Liability

- Intellectual Property/ Trade Secrets

- Insurance Fraud

- Employee Fraud or Embezzlement

Of course any legal matter relating to your business can fall under the umbrella of commercial litigation. When you are involved in a commercial dispute, a talented commercial litigation attorney can save time, money, and protect your business interests. Our corporate litigation attorneys will handle all types of business related legal issues, from small business entrepreneurs to large corporations.

Leesfield Scolaro represent clients in all aspects of commercial litigation in Miami and the state of Florida. The commercial litigation team at Leesfield Scolaro can adeptly handle both Federal and State concerns. Each business is unique and each commercial dispute reflects the diversity of modern business. The Leesfield commercial litigation team will strive to understand and appreciate the intricacies of your particular concerns. In this way, the law firm serves each and every individual company with respect and focused attention. For a complimentary in depth analysis of your commercial litigation concerns, contact Leesfield Scolaro below.

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