Miami Accident Attorneys

While Miami is a great place to live, like any major metropolitan city, it has its share of dangers. Miami has thousands of drivers using the highways every day, which means thousands of potential motor vehicle accidents. In addition, Miami's atmosphere lends itself to motorcycling, ATV riding, small plane flying and boating, exponentially increasing the number of potential accidents that can occur in and around the city.

Accidents can occur from a variety of types of negligence, including inadequate security, poorly made structures, defective products and general carelessness.

What Can the Right Attorneys Do to Help Accident Victims in Miami?

When there is a major accident, one or more parties involved may be at fault. A good Miami accident attorney can help an accident victim sort out the liability issues involved and determine the extent to which the accident victim is entitled to financial compensation. An attorney can make sure the responsible auto insurance company pays for the damages to the victims and their property.

An accident attorney collects evidence of negligence and uses it to make sure the accident victim gets a successful and adequate restitution. Without an attorney, an accident victim would be on his own, dealing with the medical and property expenses that come with a major accident. This added stress on the victim comes at a time when he or she is often recuperating from painful injuries and unable to take care of the legal aspect of the accident.

Why Are Leesfield Scolaro an Ideal Choice as Miami Accident Attorneys?

Leesfield Scolaro have won millions of dollars for the victims of catastrophic accidents. With over thirty years of handling accident claims, Leesfield Scolaro have the experience, dedication and expertise to establish third party liability and collect major claims for accident victim clients.

Leesfield Scolaro understand that the time following a major accident is traumatic. They have the skills to ease the burden of accident victims and help with large settlements to ease their recovery. For a free consultation on your Miami accident claim, contact Leesfield Scolaro by going to their website at, or giving them a call at 800-836-6400.