Maritime Accident Attorneys

Florida is almost completely surrounded by water, so it’s not hard to deduce that maritime accidents, or accidents involving boats or boating laws, are common in this state. Maritime accident lawyers are in high demand here. There are more recreational boats and yachts registered in Florida than in the other 49 states combined. Florida also boasts the most cargo tonnage and cruise ship passenger volume of all the states. With so many people enjoying the beautiful waters off the Florida coast, accidents are bound to happen. That’s when you need to contact a maritime accident attorney.

There are very specialized laws, limitations, and statutes, which apply to maritime accidents and admiralty transactions or casualties. The laws of the land and the laws of the sea can have very different interpretations. This makes it imperative to seek the council of a maritime accident lawyer who can correctly interpret each individual situation and apply the proper remedy, defense, or claim as required.

Maritime accident lawyers must have an intimate knowledge of a wide range of maritime accident situations in order to achieve the best results for victims. To ensure that your rights are protected, consult one of the recognized maritime accident attorneys at Leesfield Scolaro, who specialize in the precision needed to investigate and litigate maritime accidents. Their areas of maritime accident expertise include:

- Cruise ship accidents

- Recreational boating accidents

- Seaman injury or death

- Water sport injury or death

- Maritime related wrongful death

- Reckless or negligent operation of marine craft

The victims of maritime accidents can range from passengers on a small privately owned recreation boat to large maritime-based companies. The maritime accident attorneys at Leesfield Scolaro can confidently represent all types of maritime accident cases in the state of Florida. Their highly trained maritime accident lawyers are attuned to the varying needs of a wide array of maritime clients, from small personal injury claims to litigation involving large maritime corporations. These trial savvy maritime accident attorneys are knowledgeable about cases involving cruise ships, yachts, small watercraft, and seamen’s concerns. Each case is handled with competence, and given the attention needed to achieve optimal results.