Florida Personal Injury Attorneys

Florida is a bustling state with many different points of interest, from amusement parks to centers for space exploration and vacation getaways for families and singles. With so many people involved in many different activities every day, it is a sad reality that some will be victims of personal injury. In these cases, having the right Florida personal injury attorneys in one's corner will be vital.

A personal injury claim is a situation in which a person suffers emotional or physical damages because of the negligence of another person. This damage can result in pain and suffering, permanent disability or even death. Whatever the personal injury damage suffered, if the injury resulted from the negligence of another party, the victim may be entitled to financial compensation.

Using Florida Personal Injury Attorneys to Determine Liability

The right Florida personal injury attorneys have the experience to determine liability. A knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorney knows what evidence to look for and how to establish liability of the negligent party to achieve successful results and the best settlement or verdict from the responsible party.

Florida Personal Injury Victims Need Personal Injury Attorneys

The victims of a personal injury and family members need the best team of personal injury attorneys to represent them and achieve the best results. Many sufferers of personal injury focus on surviving the trauma and sometimes neglect the fact that they are entitled to monetary compensation. It is often not until medical expenses start coming in and bills start piling up that people realize they can and should pursue a legal remedy.

Leesfield Scolaro Can Handle Your Florida Personal Injury Claims

A free consultation with Leesfield Scolaro can answer many questions for a personal injury victim. Virtually anywhere in Florida that an individual has been the victim of the negligence of another person, Leesfield Scolaro has a personal injury attorney ready to start working on that case from day one and determine whether it is actionable.

Leesfield Scolaro has offices in Miami, Key West and South Beach. They have won millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts all over the state of Florida. If you have been injured and you think you may have a legal claim, contact Leesfield Scolaro for a free consultation at Leesfield.com, or call 1-800-836-6400.