Florida Negligent Security Attorney

While many of those who inhabit Florida are kind, peaceful people, it is an unfortunate fact that even the sunshine state is not completely free from the vagaries of crime. If you are the victim of a criminal assault, it is clear that the criminal is responsible.

Unfortunately, the criminal in an assault cannot always be brought to justice. Even when they are, the criminal case often takes precedence over any civil proceeding that may allow you compensation for your pain and suffering.

What you may not have considered are the numerous situations in which the assault itself might have been prevented, if not for negligent security. In some cases, owners of a residence or commercial enterprise are responsible for what happens within the boundaries of that area.

If those owners fail to ensure a safe environment to protect guests from foreseeable crimes, they may be liable if crimes occur. This is what is negligent security, and Florida negligent security attorneys specialize in these types of cases.

Florida Negligent Security Explained

A typical negligent security case occurs in a place where many people transact business, like a mall or an office building. Visitors have a reasonable expectation that they will be safe in these places. If you are a victim of criminal assault in or around such a place, you may have a claim. If the place in question lacks the appropriate security cameras, lighting or guards, there is a good chance your assault is due to negligent security and that you are entitled to compensation.

How Florida Negligent Security Attorneys Can Help

If you or someone you know is the victim of a criminal assault on someone else’s property, you need legal assistance to determine whether negligent security may have been a contributing factor. A good Florida negligent security attorney has the experience and knowledge to determine whether the owner of a property could have prevented a criminal assault situation with adequate security. The right attorney can then begin to build a negligence claim against the owner, which can result in a significant settlement to help ease the victim’s suffering.

Finding Florida Negligent Security Attorneys

Finding Florida negligent security attorney’s with the experience and know-how to make your claim is easy. There is a simple form to fill out on the main page at Leesfield.com, which can get you connected almost immediately with someone to discuss your negligent security case and talk about what Leesfield Scolaro can do to help you get the settlement you deserve. You can also talk with a representative about your case at 1-800-836-6400.