Florida Inadequate Security

According to general common law, it is incumbent upon those who control a place where criminal activity could reasonably take place to do everything in their power to protect visitors and customers against third party criminal acts. Basically, anyone who runs any kind of business or manages any facility where third party crime could forseeably take place must maintain adequate security to avoid crime and harm. Inadequate security is a legal liability.

If you are the victim of a criminal assault due to inadequate security anywhere in the state of Florida, a Florida inadequate security attorney will be able to determine whether you can be compensated for any injuries or losses you sustained as a result of the assault. Remember, the owners or managers of any venue where criminal incidents could occur are legally obligated to provide adequate security measures to avoid such criminal activity, including robberies, sexual assaults, and criminal assaults.

When looking for Florida inadequate security attorneys, it is important to find a law firm with the experience and results needed to win your case. These cases are often quite complex, requiring attorneys who are not only familiar with inadequate security litigation, but also law firms with the knowledge, experience, efficiency, and proven results to represent their clients. Leesfield Scolaro has been on the national leading edge of inadequate security cases and the development of trial techniques in security litigation. Our lawyers have been published and they have litigated and won inadequate security cases all across the state of Florida.

At Leesfield Scolaro, our Florida lawyers will collect all the facts and gather all the evidence needed to establish whether there was in fact inadequate premises security on the part of the responsible parties. We will gather the crime grids and statistical data, do reverse surveillance, and interview anyone important to the case, including past victims and former employees. Our attorneys have successfully recovered millions of dollars throughout the state of Florida. If you have been a victim of a crime due to inadequate security, contact us today!