Cruise Ship Lawyers

Most people don't usually put cruise ship and lawyer in the same sentence, and most people don’t need to. However, if you are subject to an injury or accident on a cruise ship where someone else may be liable, you’re going to need a cruise ship lawyer and you’re going to need one fast.

Accidents and Injuries on Cruise Ships

There is a wide variety of accidents or injuries that may occur while you are on a cruise ship. You may slip and fall, suffer some form of illness that could have been avoided or be the victim of an assault. Nearly any accident or injury that can befall you on land can happen at sea. The problem is that at sea you have less recourse to legal remedy, even once you return to dry land. For example, the statute of limitations on claims is generally shorter and the cruise ship has more options for disclaiming liability.

Cruise Ship Lawyers

The reality is, however, that if you are injured on a cruise ship due to negligence, there is a good chance that the cruise line is liable and will owe you compensation. The trick is getting the compensation you are owed, and for that you need a good cruise ship lawyer. A good cruise ship lawyer is one who is familiar with cruise ship cases and can help you navigate the complex waters of cruise ship litigation.

Leesfield Scolaro Cruise Ship Lawyers

If you need a cruise ship lawyer in Florida, you can contact Leesfield Scolaro at for help. If your cruise departed from Florida, which many do, you may be legally required to retain a Florida lawyer. L&P has lawyers with a great deal experience in cruise ship cases. They can help you figure out exactly what you need to do and how to do it in order to get the settlement or judgment to which you are entitled.