Cruise Ship Accidents & Injuries

Cruise Ship Accidents – Cruise Ship Injuries

Cruise ship accidents are becoming a major concern for many cruise ship passengers. If you are a cruise ship passenger or cruise ship crewmember who has suffered an accident such as an assault, rape, slip and fall, gangway accident, falling items, shore excursion accident, or any other type of cruise ship injury while on a vessel that left out of any port in Florida, call Leesfield Scolaro immediately for a free consultation. The time in which you have to file your cruise ship accident claim is already slipping away.

Large cruise ship companies attempt to protect themselves from personal injury claims based on cruise ship accidents by limiting the time in which you may legally file a lawsuit. This is called a statute of limitations and is unfair to passengers, but is legally binding as a term of your ticket. The terms of your ticket also specify where all legal proceedings must be held, and this is usually the court of Miami-Dade, as a convenience to the cruise liner companies, which are based here in Miami. The cruise lines have countless lawyers and legal assistants working on each case. The legal team of a monumental establishment such as Carnival Cruise Lines or Royal Caribbean might seem daunting, but the cruise ship accident attorneys at Leesfield Scolaro have already taken them on, and won. We know how to go through this process, and win large settlements for our injured clients.

If you have suffered cruise ship accidents or have sustained a cruise ship injury, Leesfield Scolaro is here to help. You are not alone and you do not have to do this alone. We are here to help the victims of cruise ship accidents and their families, to get you the medical care and support that you deserve, to cover your lost wages and extra expenses, to help you get your lives back and make this nightmare end. Cruise ship accidents can seem overwhelming, and you don’t know what to do or who to turn to for help. Leesfield Scolaro is a proud member of the Miami community, and we gladly assist injured victims with cruise ship injuries on a contingency fee basis. This means you don’t owe us anything unless we win your cruise ship accident case. If you have suffered a cruise ship injury, please do not hesitate to call. We will be happy to arrange for a free consultation with a cruise ship accident attorney who can answer all of your questions. Please call today. Toll Free, 800-836-6400.