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The human brain is an extraordinary nerve center that controls all functions in the entire human body, playing an important role in everything we do and in defining who we are as individuals. Brain injury can come from exposure to toxic substances, total or partial deprivation of oxygen, untreated infection, stroke, tumor, burst aneurysm or physical trauma ("traumatic brain injury" or "TBI") such as that sustained from an accident or fall. at Leesfield Scolaro we know that brain injury is often caused by the negligence of another person.

Brain injuries can be physically, emotionally and financially crippling. The effects may not be fully realized for months or even years after an accident, and these terrible injuries can dramatically impair a person’s ability to function and enjoy life. Medical bills, lost income, and in-home assistance with daily living activities are usually not just temporary, but can extend well into the future.

When the painful effects of brain injury on a person and family are suffered due to the negligence or wrongful conduct of others – whether from a motor vehicle accident, a fall, medical malpractice, a dangerous product, a near drowning in an unsafe pool, or from some other harmful mechanism - the Miami legal system may allow for just and substantial compensation. Experienced Miami brain injury attorneys can help make sure that the negligent parties help cover these costs.

Because the symptoms of brain injury often mimic those of depression, it can be hard for a person who has suffered a traumatic brain injury to recover adequate damages for their injuries. It can be difficult to prove the lasting physical effects of brain injury to the satisfaction of a judge or jury when there are no apparent physical injuries and when neurological exams return normal results.

For over 30 years our brain injury lawyers have helped the victims of brain injury and their families receive just and substantial compensation. When a serious brain injury is the result of someone else's negligence, you should not have to deal with the costs. You should be fairly compensated by the individual or business that caused the injury to happen.

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