Professional Malpractice

Leesfield Scolaro has handled many professional malpractice cases over the last 40 years. Our firm does not shy away from taking on another firm or another attorney if we are able to determine that malpractice was indeed committed. It is important however that prospective plaintiff understand the following: It is not because your case reached an unsatisfactory conclusion that your attorney committed malpractice. In fact, it is not rare that clients become dissatisfied with their counsel after their lawsuit is over or even in the middle of ongoing litigation.

In every legitimate legal malpractice claim, our investigation will reveal whether an attorney’s representation fell below the professional standard of care. That is the first step. If your attorney missed a statute or failed to allege a count they should have, we may determine that your attorney’s decision was not malpractice per se, but a tactical decision in their representation.

Second, if malpractice was committed, did the malpractice result in damages so large that it warrants a legal malpractice lawsuit to be filed. That question must be answered positively in order to have a viable claim against your former attorney. In other words, if the dispute for which you hired an attorney in the first place has a value of $10,000, if your attorney commits malpractice, the best outcome of your malpractice claim may be $10,000. Under those circumstances, due to the extremely high legal costs associated with the nature of legal malpractice litigation, it will be highly unlikely that your malpractice lawsuit ever sees the light of day. More practically, it is a bad decision for a firm to spend $15,000 in legal costs to recover $10,000 for their client.

If you believe your former attorney has committed malpractice, allow us to review your case and contact one of our experienced professional malpractice lawyers today at 800-836-6400 or click here for a free and full case evaluation.